Last Post of 2012

Well this is it dear readers, the last post of 2012. This year has been a wild roller coaster of interesting and crazy events.  Moving from Singapore to Norway, starting at three different schools in a matter of 6 months, meeting some amazing friends and finding myself, in a teenage cliché way, have been the wonderful things I have experienced in 2012. To close up an extravagant year, I let go of all my inhibitions and wore a gold and black sequin top. Since the tee is so over the top I toned out the rest of the outfit by pairing a black bandage and black platform heels. To accent the black and gold hues, I wore a black clutch with gold stud detailing and a simple black and gold bracelet. This look embodies "The New Me", a term used constantly by everyone around the new year time. The New Me consists of taking way for risks in what I wear, what I write about here on the blog and just generally in life.

A new year calls for new chances and takes on life. Comment your new years resolution down bellow, I would love to see! From Nicole and I,  Happy New Year!



The best of 2012 | Fashion Essentials

As 2012 comes to an unfortunate yet fulfilling end, we both cannot believe what a great year we've had, both in personal lives and achieving goals on our blog. From surviving the much anticipated recent apocalypse, to attending a fashion show for the first time, 2012 has left many memorable experiences. 
1. Daisy |  Marc Jacobs
2. Vanilla Lace | Victoria Secret's
Daisy by Marc Jacobs, or in other words heaven in a bottle. It was love at first smell. Marc Jacobs really hit it this time, Daisy has become my favourite scent this year, and maybe even of all time. A fresh, feminine scent that can blow your senses away at first sniff. Nothing, so far, has beaten this perfume. Other than the fact it smells like heaven, the quaint packaging is absolutlely perfect. A gorgeous daisy delicately placed on each bottle. I have a weakness for anything Vanilla, from creamy vanilla ice cream, vanilla-scented yankee candles, to vanilla perfume. This warm fragrance is infused with small hints of refreshing aloe vera and chamomile, and spices up any outfit with the lovely smell.

1. Maybelline | Great Lash Mascara
2. L'Oréal | Volume million lashes mascara
This year a large amount of beauty trends have included long, fluttery lashes. To translate runway looks into a everyday look can sometimes be a demanding task, however these two mascaras have always been the best choice. For long, defined lashes I always fall back onto Maybelline's Great Lash mascara.  It delivers a natural looking, false lash, if that makes any sense. Whenever I want my lashes to be the centrepiece in my make up look I pick up L'Oréal's Volume Million Lashes masacra. This mascara gives the perfect amount of volume and thickness to the lashes, without sending you straight to clump city. Both of these brilliant mascaras have acted as life savers for me this year, and I highly recommend them.

1. Front Row | Anna Wintour
2. Grace: A Memoir | Grace Coddington
3. Teen Vogue Handbook 
These 3 books displayed above, are a must-read for anyone who is intrigued by the fashion world, or for anyone who wants to make it into the industry.
I bought "The Teen Vogue Hand Book" last summer, and this book is filled with inspirational tips and interviews from famous designers, photographers, interns, make up artists, models and writers. Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Amy Astley, Tory Burch, and many more share their insights on the fashion industry, definitely the best spent money on a book.The moment Grace Coddington's "Grace: A Memoir" ( a memoir about her life and 30 years in Vogue) hit the bookstores, it was sold out quicker than I could blink. The book only came out a few weeks ago, so my excitement was unmistakable when I received this book from Santa. I have yet to read this 1000+ paged-book, as I have spent the past few weeks skiing in the snowy alps of Switzerland, but all the reviews have been highly rated. Grace Coddington rose to fame after 'The September Issue' was released, a documentary showcasing the many difficulties of producing Vogue's most important September Issue. Anna Wintour, Editor-In-Chief of American Vogue is the most influential and powerful woman in the Fashion Industry. Also known as the Ice Queen or Nuclear Wintour for her icy and aloof, yet stern personality, Wintour is praised for her support of eye-catching trends and intellectual style of journalism. With her trademark bob haircut and sunglasses, and enigmatic personality, this book will give you an inside on what is behind Wintour's personal life, and how icy the fashion industry can be.

1. Vanilla Lip Balm | Kiehl's
2. Beeswax Lip Balm | Burt's Bees
3. Kiss Me Lip Balm | Philosophy
It is always important to have good lip balms, so you won't get dry, chapped lips, something any girl does not want. Listed above, are three quintessential lip balms that I feel are great for all occasions, and seasons. I have spent the past two weeks skiing in the snowy alps of Switzerland and these Burt's Bees Lip Balm saved my lips dramatically from severe chapped lips. Because of the cold weather which I'm not used to, I most usually get dry and red lips in cold weather, so this lip balm provided a soothing effect on my lips which I am deeply grateful for. "Kiss Me" by Philosophy, is a great lip gloss for the sun. Not only does it protect your lips with a SPF of 20, it can be used for all occasions, be it a sunny beach or a disco. This lip balm also gives your lips a shimmering layer, giving your lips a bit of pizzaz. We are both huge fans of products that protect our skin, so you can guess that the last product; Kiehl's vanilla flavoured lip balm, is another balm that protect's our lips. As the label reads, this useful lip balm prevents you from getting dry, chapped, and cracked lips while giving you sun protection. While applying this lip balm, a delicious taste of vanilla is left in your mouth.

1. Sephora | Long Lasting 12 Hour Eye Liner
2. Mac | Eye Pencil
As I have been developing my makeup look throughout the year, I have always found eyeliner as a key part. Whether it be a thick old Hollywood wing, or a thin line to enhance the lash line, these two eyeliners can always be useful. Sephora's Long Lasting 12 Hour Wear Eye Liner is my trusty eyeliner, perfect for a winged liner look, it lasts forever and is so easy to apply. Mac's Eye Pencil is a rich, creamy eye pencil, ideal for beginners that want something good quality product that doesn't break the bank.

Thank you 2012 for such a year, hopefully 2013 will treat us well!
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Happy Holidays!

The Green Ray Bans wishes you a very, Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays to those of us who don't celebrate Christmas! We hope you have had a wonderful day spent in the company of loved ones. Eli and I wish we could give all of our amazing, supportive, followers a great big hug for all the love and support you have given us this year! We survived the world's end so I'm sure 2013 will be a breeze!



Cara Delevigne

photo courtesy of Tommy Ton.
Cara Delevigne, a young green eyed beauty that has taken the fashion industry by storm this year. BFA's Model of the Year, has graced the covers of Vogue Korea, Russh and i-D Magazine in 2012. This British bombshell has already become a Victoria Secret Angel, the face of Burberry and strutted elegantly down the runways of Chanel. Ranked as #25 on Model.com's Top 50 Models list, Delevigne has conquered the glossy pages of every fashion spread with her statement, yet classic look. Her eyebrows are the perfect ratio of bold and bushy, and her mile long legs are to die for. Cara's presence is strong, grunge while still having a feminine edge. Her quirky attitude and her to die for looks make her The Green Ray Ban's Model of the Year! Nicole and I admire her stunning personality and the way she manages to stay herself in the midst of all the chaos that is fashion.



Blogger Q&A: Fatima

The Green Raybans is starting a new segment called 'Blogger Q&A', where every few weeks we will be interviewing our favourite bloggers! This month, we decided to interview Fatima from Fashion Pilgrim, she is undeniably one of the most talented 15 year old bloggers we know, her extensive use of vocabulary and fashion reflects in all of her unique blog posts.
1. What inspired you to start a fashion blog?
Well, I've always loved both fashion and writing. Naturally, creating a fashion blog seemed like a really exciting idea: I could develop my writing and discover my personal style and fashion tastes at the same time. Additionally, as I'm interested in a career in fashion journalism, it's a great way to make myself known, to establish contacts and to demonstrate to future employers that I'm truly interested in such a field!
                          2. What are 5 essential things you cannot live without?
1. Facial cleanser. This is pretty self-explanatory - no one likes an oily face!

2. My MacBook. It holds all my precious music, movies, photographs and documents. I also complete school-work and draft blogposts on my laptop! 

3. Greek yogurt. I'm absolutely obsessed with it and since I'm a huge snacker, I find that Greek yogurt's the perfect healthy yet delicious snack option for me. I eat it almost every single day! 

4. Books. I'm a huge bookworm! My favorites are romance novels (hopeless romantic, here), science fiction related to the environment and non-fiction books! My life would be absolutely dreadful without books. 

5. My family and my friends! They make life so much more fun, interesting and meaningful for me. This includes the blogger friends I interact with on a daily basis! (: 
3. Your writing style is really amazing for a 15 year old, where do you see yourself in the future?
Aw, thank you! <3 *virtual hug* To be honest, I wouldn't say my future is even 70% clear to me. I certainly do love writing and fashion so fashion journalism seems like a pretty suitable career for me; I'm not sure whether the industry is something I'm comfortable working in, though. I have a few journalist friends and they continue to emphasize what a catty, cutthroat industry it is. The fashion industry in particular seems highly judgmental at times. I'm not ruling it out though, because it's certainly something I'm interested in. If I don't become a fashion journalist, I'd love to go into medicine and become a pediatrician. I adore children and being a doctor has also always been a huge dream of mine! It's a very meaningful cause to dedicate your life to and I'm sure I'd enjoy it greatly, despite how difficult it may be. 
4. Describe your personal fashion style.

I tend to be pretty conservative in my fashion choices as I'm a Muslim: my religion advises women to be respectfully modest. I'm really girly too - I love bows, polka dots, peter-pan collars and adore light, pastel hues. I am a huge fan of comfort and my style tends to be more on the casual side, although I certainly love trying new things and breaking out of my comfort zone. Admittedly, my everyday looks are rather simple: my go-to outfit is usually a cute off-shoulder tee with skinny jeans and TOMS! 

5. 3 inspiring books you would suggest for young fashionista's like myself?

If you're contemplating a career in fashion, I would suggest the Teen Vogue Handbook to start with as it offers great tips for aspiring stylists, models, fashion editors and the like. I would also suggest a few biographies chronicling the lives of luminaries of the fashion industry like "Front Row: Anna Wintour" by Jerry Oppenheimer and "Coco Chanel" by Justine Picardie. These books give you a glimpse into the world of fashion and it was through them that I realized how difficult it is to break into such an industry and how superficial it can be sometimes; they showcase how the true conflict and betrayal that ensues behind-the-scenes is often veiled by the glamour, which is all that we usually see.
In general, just read more! (: Indulge in fashion magazines, blogs, biographies, reference books and style guides; watch documentaries, films and YouTube videos - it's always good to know more about the industry you're interested in. Be open-minded and explore different aspects of it because you'll learn a lot and it may help you decide whether you're truly cut out for a career in fashion.

 6. Favourite trends of the season?

 My all-time favorite fall trend at the moment is riding boots! I love how               comfortable and stylish they are and how they can be paired with almost   anything. I'm really into leather at the moment as well. Black leather ankle booties, preferably studded ones, are a huge must-have for me this season! I also love leather jackets but I prefer them in brown to black as black seems a little too edgy for me. 

   7. If you had to move to any city in the world, where would you move to?

Toronto, Canada. I grew up there and I absolutely love the weather, the atmosphere and the people. My family's actually considering moving back in the summer, and I certainly hope it works out because it really is a wonderful place to settle! 

 8. Other things you do beside blogging?
Well, I'm a student so high-school occupies a large amount of my time. I am also a Girl Guide and we partake in many fun activities like thrilling outdoor camps and meaningful community service projects all over Singapore. Cooking is a hobby of mine and I participate in such programs in school as well as on my own. I especially love baking but admittedly, I'm terrible at it. :( My favorite things to do with my friends and family are to go biking or ice-skating, followed by a movie or a shopping spree! I'm a huge fan of documentaries: my favorites are those screened on Animal Planet and National Geographic. I'm currently embarking on a self-initiated community movement with a group of friends and I'm really excited about all the projects that we're currently planning for the greater good of society! (: 

9. Your blogging goal?
Well, I guess planning goals for myself in terms of blog followers is one way to document the progress of my blog. I'd love to reach 500 followers one day! However, my ultimate blogging goal is for my blog to be an inspiration to others. I'd like to be consistent with my posts, honest, confident and kind to my readers. I'd like to share my passion and enthusiasm for fashion with them to motivate them to find something they love and appreciate in life and to pursue it. If it's a dream of yours, make it happen! "Your dreams only come true once you wake up." 

10. What's on your christmas wish-list this year?
I don't celebrate Christmas, so I don't usually expect presents at this time of the year. I'm currently struggling with what to get for my friends who do :( However, my birthday's exactly a month after Christmas and I'm currently pining for a pair of Doc Martens! 

11. Biggest accomplishment in your months of blogging?
Being recognized for my efforts! It's certainly something I'm proud of. I really love it when fellow bloggers, especially those that have a strong following, comment on my posts and let me know that they're impressed with my writing or my blog. Comments like that keep me motivated to always do my best (not just in blogging, really, but everything that I do) and to keep working hard and developing my strengths! (:
Thank you so much Fatima, everyone do check out Fatima's blog


december wishlist

december wishlist

The weather has been crazy here in Norway, with lows of -17 degrees Celsius. My days have overwhelmed by all the stress of exams. Fortunately I have one last exam before the long over due Christmas holidays! I felt I really needed to update the blog so I decided to come up with a small wish list of my favourite picks from Motel RocksTopshop and Black Milk Clothing. This particular wish list, unanticipatedly, ended up having a dark colour palette, which I think is perfect for winter.

1. Geek Sweatshirt from Topshop. The first item on my wish list is, surprisingly, a sweatshirt. This sweatshirt from Topshop is just a essential, casual piece for winter. If you ever need something cosy to relax in, this is the thing. 

2. Galaxy Leggings from Black Milk Clothing. This piece has been everywhere this year. 75 dollars for a pair of leggings may seen insanely over priced, and it is, but these are just so gorgeous. The galaxy print is the exact mix of purple, pink and blue hues. 

3. Studded Acid Wash Denim Shirt from Topshop. A denim shirt is a staple, almost crucial piece in every man and woman's wardrobe. It can be worn in a tremendous amount of different ways. This particular wash and silhouette adds rough, grunge look while still delivering a feminine edge. 

4. Motel Petrolena Strapless Dress. This dress is breath taking. It is so simple, yet brings such a great impact. The dress is a versatile, and brings a romantic however dark vibe. 

5. Zatchels Black Leather Satchel. The final item on my wish list is a satchel. A plain, black satchel would be perfect to start this new year off with! Practical and dainty, it would be marvellous choice for dressing up a dreary school day. 

Thats it for my little wish list, what do you think? What is your biggest Christmas wish? Hope you enjoyed reading and have a great day/afternoon/night! 




"Long hair minimises the need for barbers; socks can be done without' one leather jacket solves the coat problem for many years; suspenders are superfluous."- Albert Einstein

Leather, all mighty leather, even Einstein loved leather. Leather has been a staple in every rockstars life for years. Now, even us normal people can get a taste of this edgy material. A leather jacket and shoes used to be almost the only way one would wear leather. Of course, in our day and age, we have come up with breath taking ways of wearing the bold textile. Pleather skirts, leather pants, jackets, shoes and more. A leather vest thrown on a chunky cream sweater for a hint of leather or a bold pair of leather pants to make a real statement. My personal favourite is when leather is studded. It gives a perfect air of edgy rocker-ness. When you see a girl wearing a studded leather jacket, you know you don't want to mess with her. Leather can come in so many different shapes and silhouettes. As I mentioned before, a leather jacket has a androgynous hardcore tough feel to it, meanwhile a flowy leather skirt gives a delicate and dainty feel.  Leather assembled with fabrics like denim or a thick knit are classic approach for fabrics that go well with leather.

Tell me what you think of this classic textile? How would you wear leather, comment below!


Silvian Imberg Swimwear Show

Thanks to the lovely Pop Spoken team, I had the greatest privilege to experience Silvian Imberg's swimwear show on Saturday at the tents @Marina Bay Sands, part of Fide Fashion week. When I arrived at the event, the place was already buzzing with atmosphere, well known Singaporean bloggers (mentioned below), snazzy socialites to slightly demanding photographers, it was definitely a fabulous night! Unlike any other normal swimwear, Imberg's show incorporated of lavish bikini's, elaborate one piece costumes and flowing kaftans.
These two kaftans were definitely the highlight of the show for me. Soft hues of pastel pink and cyan blue gave the kaftans a very flirtatious and relaxing feeling. Kaftans are great for wearing to the beach, or to show off in summer. I have a penchant for all kinds of prints, which you would find all over my closet, so to see these gorgeous prints on the runway was definitely one of my highlights.
"Pretty in Pink" was the next theme that Silvian had chosen to incorporate in his designs. These looks were a little TOO girly for my taste, with ruffles in mostly every swimsuit of the theme, it looked slightly out of place and tacky, to be honest. Aside from that little piece of criticism, I adored the intricate beading in these swimsuits that accentuated the womanly figure. After every flawless model walked out in her swimsuit, she would be wearing simple but classy golden or silver shoes, which I really loved. A nice pair of statement heels is something all women should have.

meeting Singapore fashion bloggers: Veena, Meera, Susannah and Peng for the very first time!
Models strutting down the runway for the last time, Imberg taking the applause.
This was my second fashion show I've been to, my first one being Zac Posen, and hopefully many more!
Have you ever been to a fashion show/swim wear show before? Leave your thoughts below!
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The 17th centuary baroque style has squeezed out of our history books and into our wardrobes and runways this fall/winter. Undeniably the biggest trend to kick-start this fall/winter, baroque has mananged to get on all the big runway names including, Lanvin, Versace, Dolce and Gabanna and Rag & Bone. This trend is beautifully insprired by the 17th century, Baroque Era in Europe. Baroque is influenced by the art, architecture, fashion and history of that period. There are many lavish and luxorious prints showcased in the baroque trend. This eye-catching look features lush fabrics and ornate details. The glamour of this trend is easily translated to everyday wardrobes. A pair of baroque printed pants and a slouchy sweater is great for casualwear. Dressing up baroque pieces is very easy, a dramatic black dress with gold embelishments is perfect for any fancy occasion. 

What do you think of this trend, would you ever wear it? Tell me
what you think in the comments below!


city of lights part #1

the view of Santa Monica Pier from our hotel!
4 weeks ago, I had the greatest pleasure  of going to the city of Los Angeles with my family for the midterm holiday, where I've dreamed of visiting for so long I can't even remember! I can't even describe my love for this bustling and magical city (not trying to sound naive)! It's hard not to fall in love with this sweet charm of LA, where there's always something fascinating happening on every street. 

Houses from the top: Jessica Alba's, Matt Damon, and the house Michael Jackson died in.
Whilst I was traipsing around the famous and expensive Rodeo Drive (which is basically an overpriced Orchard Road or Regent Street), trying to take pictures with my mum's ever so bulky DSLR of all the beautiful window displays wishing I could buy something (#firstworldproblems), its hard not to notice the stereotypical 'hollywood girl' 
(think 'fake tan, fake boobs, platinum blond streaks,high heels...'). Being a tourist, I had to do all the famous attractions in LA which I thoroughly enjoyed like seeing all the celeb houses, visiting the hollywood sign, walking down Rodeo drive and The Grove, Beverly Hills, and of course the Hollywood walk of fame. LA was an overwhelming and memorable experience which left me starstruck the entire trip although I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity! 

Have you ever been to LA? Leave your thoughts below!

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~photos taken by my mum~




Have you ever wondered who laboured countless hours away making your new sweater? Or who hand-made that gorgeous necklace you just saw in a beautifully arranged shop window? Many of the biggest high street, and even some high end, shops use horrifying sweatshops to create their "masterpieces." Marks and Spencer's, Banana Republic, Nike, H&M and Adidas are all rumoured and have even confessed to use of sweatshops. If you are unfamiliar with sweatshops, they are unacceptably dangerous working environments where the workers earn usually less than minimum wage for working very long hours. Sweatshops can also breach the laws against child labor. You might believe that in our day and age, in 2012, a thing like sweatshops wouldn't exist. Imagine a child as young as 6, spending his days making a sweater for you and me, just to stay alive. The thought is just gruesome. This fact is shameful for every single brand that pays for sweatshop use. Dozens of workers, widely underaged, sit in dirty and unhygienic factories to gain a mere 1.60USD at the end of their 16 hour shifts. Sweatshops are however not only found in less developed countries such as Cambodia and some parts of India, they are found widely in the U.S. Sweatshops need to be brought to light, the fashion industry has oppressed this issue. Many people have taken a stand against sweatshops and vowed not to purchase anything from a shop that uses sweatshops. Nicole and I have both taken an oath to restrain from buying from any shops that use sweatshops. 

Tell me what your opinion on sweatshop labor is? Should there be a official stop put to this?
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