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The Green Raybans is starting a new segment called 'Blogger Q&A', where every few weeks we will be interviewing our favourite bloggers! This month, we decided to interview Fatima from Fashion Pilgrim, she is undeniably one of the most talented 15 year old bloggers we know, her extensive use of vocabulary and fashion reflects in all of her unique blog posts.
1. What inspired you to start a fashion blog?
Well, I've always loved both fashion and writing. Naturally, creating a fashion blog seemed like a really exciting idea: I could develop my writing and discover my personal style and fashion tastes at the same time. Additionally, as I'm interested in a career in fashion journalism, it's a great way to make myself known, to establish contacts and to demonstrate to future employers that I'm truly interested in such a field!
                          2. What are 5 essential things you cannot live without?
1. Facial cleanser. This is pretty self-explanatory - no one likes an oily face!

2. My MacBook. It holds all my precious music, movies, photographs and documents. I also complete school-work and draft blogposts on my laptop! 

3. Greek yogurt. I'm absolutely obsessed with it and since I'm a huge snacker, I find that Greek yogurt's the perfect healthy yet delicious snack option for me. I eat it almost every single day! 

4. Books. I'm a huge bookworm! My favorites are romance novels (hopeless romantic, here), science fiction related to the environment and non-fiction books! My life would be absolutely dreadful without books. 

5. My family and my friends! They make life so much more fun, interesting and meaningful for me. This includes the blogger friends I interact with on a daily basis! (: 
3. Your writing style is really amazing for a 15 year old, where do you see yourself in the future?
Aw, thank you! <3 *virtual hug* To be honest, I wouldn't say my future is even 70% clear to me. I certainly do love writing and fashion so fashion journalism seems like a pretty suitable career for me; I'm not sure whether the industry is something I'm comfortable working in, though. I have a few journalist friends and they continue to emphasize what a catty, cutthroat industry it is. The fashion industry in particular seems highly judgmental at times. I'm not ruling it out though, because it's certainly something I'm interested in. If I don't become a fashion journalist, I'd love to go into medicine and become a pediatrician. I adore children and being a doctor has also always been a huge dream of mine! It's a very meaningful cause to dedicate your life to and I'm sure I'd enjoy it greatly, despite how difficult it may be. 
4. Describe your personal fashion style.

I tend to be pretty conservative in my fashion choices as I'm a Muslim: my religion advises women to be respectfully modest. I'm really girly too - I love bows, polka dots, peter-pan collars and adore light, pastel hues. I am a huge fan of comfort and my style tends to be more on the casual side, although I certainly love trying new things and breaking out of my comfort zone. Admittedly, my everyday looks are rather simple: my go-to outfit is usually a cute off-shoulder tee with skinny jeans and TOMS! 

5. 3 inspiring books you would suggest for young fashionista's like myself?

If you're contemplating a career in fashion, I would suggest the Teen Vogue Handbook to start with as it offers great tips for aspiring stylists, models, fashion editors and the like. I would also suggest a few biographies chronicling the lives of luminaries of the fashion industry like "Front Row: Anna Wintour" by Jerry Oppenheimer and "Coco Chanel" by Justine Picardie. These books give you a glimpse into the world of fashion and it was through them that I realized how difficult it is to break into such an industry and how superficial it can be sometimes; they showcase how the true conflict and betrayal that ensues behind-the-scenes is often veiled by the glamour, which is all that we usually see.
In general, just read more! (: Indulge in fashion magazines, blogs, biographies, reference books and style guides; watch documentaries, films and YouTube videos - it's always good to know more about the industry you're interested in. Be open-minded and explore different aspects of it because you'll learn a lot and it may help you decide whether you're truly cut out for a career in fashion.

 6. Favourite trends of the season?

 My all-time favorite fall trend at the moment is riding boots! I love how               comfortable and stylish they are and how they can be paired with almost   anything. I'm really into leather at the moment as well. Black leather ankle booties, preferably studded ones, are a huge must-have for me this season! I also love leather jackets but I prefer them in brown to black as black seems a little too edgy for me. 

   7. If you had to move to any city in the world, where would you move to?

Toronto, Canada. I grew up there and I absolutely love the weather, the atmosphere and the people. My family's actually considering moving back in the summer, and I certainly hope it works out because it really is a wonderful place to settle! 

 8. Other things you do beside blogging?
Well, I'm a student so high-school occupies a large amount of my time. I am also a Girl Guide and we partake in many fun activities like thrilling outdoor camps and meaningful community service projects all over Singapore. Cooking is a hobby of mine and I participate in such programs in school as well as on my own. I especially love baking but admittedly, I'm terrible at it. :( My favorite things to do with my friends and family are to go biking or ice-skating, followed by a movie or a shopping spree! I'm a huge fan of documentaries: my favorites are those screened on Animal Planet and National Geographic. I'm currently embarking on a self-initiated community movement with a group of friends and I'm really excited about all the projects that we're currently planning for the greater good of society! (: 

9. Your blogging goal?
Well, I guess planning goals for myself in terms of blog followers is one way to document the progress of my blog. I'd love to reach 500 followers one day! However, my ultimate blogging goal is for my blog to be an inspiration to others. I'd like to be consistent with my posts, honest, confident and kind to my readers. I'd like to share my passion and enthusiasm for fashion with them to motivate them to find something they love and appreciate in life and to pursue it. If it's a dream of yours, make it happen! "Your dreams only come true once you wake up." 

10. What's on your christmas wish-list this year?
I don't celebrate Christmas, so I don't usually expect presents at this time of the year. I'm currently struggling with what to get for my friends who do :( However, my birthday's exactly a month after Christmas and I'm currently pining for a pair of Doc Martens! 

11. Biggest accomplishment in your months of blogging?
Being recognized for my efforts! It's certainly something I'm proud of. I really love it when fellow bloggers, especially those that have a strong following, comment on my posts and let me know that they're impressed with my writing or my blog. Comments like that keep me motivated to always do my best (not just in blogging, really, but everything that I do) and to keep working hard and developing my strengths! (:
Thank you so much Fatima, everyone do check out Fatima's blog


  1. Lovely post! Loved getting to know Fatima :)
    x Mariana

  2. Great initiative!
    hope we get a chance to tell you about our blog as well some time!
    Thanks for following us, we are now following back...after all your blog is worth it <3


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