2015 Christmas Guide

With Christmas a week away, the hoard of last-minute christmas shoppers flocking to every mall out there (basically, me) is at its all-time peak. I always find it really difficult to buy Christmas gifts for people and end up searching for christmas gift-guides on google to help make my gift shopping easier. This guide will hopefully do the same for all you last-minute shoppers.



magic city

 Bag: c/o Louvreuse, Tank: Topshop, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: Nike, Bracelet: &Other Stories 
These visuals were taken in a span of about 5 minutes, probably the longest I've spent outdoors this week (thank you haze). It's been a while since I lasted posted an outfit post, so I thought it was time to add an outfit post onto the blog. This outfit is great city look, perfect for traipsing around the hustle and bustle of the city, coupled by my super comfortable air forces which I've been wearing religiously. 

This bag was sent to me by the brand Louvreuse, and I absolutely love it. The floral embellishments establish a very oriental and chic look. Functionality is something I always look for in a bag as I usually bring more than I ever need when I go out, and this bag exceeds all my expectations. I like to think of the bag as a Marry Poppins bag, as it proves to hold more than it looks. 

What do you think of this look, and would you like to see more outfit posts in the future?


Food in NYC

-Photos taken from my personal and food instagram-
Having spent almost 2 months in New York this summer, coupled by the fact that I spent all my free time leading up to the trip researching restaurants, I'd like to think I was quite the NYC foodie during my time there. This isn't the typical fashion post I usually have up on the blog, however I've been meaning to start branching out of just fashion and into other interests of mine for the blog, with food being right on the top of my interests. Hopefully, my food list will help any of you out if you're looking for places to eat at in New York. From brunch cafes to dinner restaurants, the list is great for all types of foodies. 
If you know any other good places to eat at in New York, comment them below! I'm always on the hunt for more food places to discover for my future visits there.
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