Fall weather hasnt exactly set into Norway yet however that doesn't stop the fall trends surfacing. One of my favourite fall trends is hands down wearing a collared shirt under a sweater. From peterpans to studded collars come in all different shapes and sizes. Here is some inspiration for this awesome fall trend.


welcome september!

Hello September! Being one of the most important months for the fashion industry, September is by far my favourite month of the year. Not only is all the famous september issues of summer/spring 2012 rolling out, it is also the month of the fall runways: Paris, New York, London to Milan! The September Issue's will always remain the most important publication month for any fashion magazine. Not to be bias, but out of all the wonderful magazines, Vogue (teen vogue, english vogue, US vogue) excites me the most every September with what it has to offer. This month, they certainly did not fail to disappoint me. First off Teen Vogue. I was ecstatic to see Selena Gomez looking beautiful and flawless as always on the cover of September's issue. I definitely think she was the right choice for the cover- I have always been a dedicated fan of hers since she started her show (although I'm much too old for it now). Reading every single page, I absolutely loved this moths issue. Secondly British Vogue. Like Selena, I have also been a fan of the beautiful model Karlie Kloss. She is one of my favourite models and since originally been found by Teen Vogue, Karlie's career has rocketed off to a successful life that every girl would only dream of. This is one of the UK's biggest fashion issue for them and it was my favourite part of the issue because there was so much to read and take in! The biggest surprise of all though, had to be American Vogue when gaga took the cover in one of the craziest white wigs I've ever seen. Many people seem to like it and not like it and to be honest I wasn't too keen on the cover at first but after seeing this cover, it has grown on me a bit more. Vogue is about bringing the element of surprise to you and they certainly did. Below are pictures of the September Vogue Issue's I read.
Have you read the Vogue September Issue's , or any other September Issue?

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