Crowned as one of the most beautiful palaces in the world to visit, Versailles Palace is definitely a true gem. Known for it's sumptuous and lavish rooms where each room was crafted uniquely to suit the needs of the French Monarchy, this palace has been made into a museum where thousands of tourists visit daily situated in the outskirts of Paris. As this being my first outfit post (In case you haven't noticed, Eli has been doing all the outfit posts), what could be more perfect than having it in the beautiful Versailles?
Coat: Asos
Scarf: A gift from a friend/ no brand
Leggings and Boots:  Topshop
Gloves: Uniqlo
*note to my fellow readers: my hands are in my pockets in basically all the photos because the weather was so cold that if I lifted my hands out of my pockets just for a few minutes, they would feel extremely numb- this is not me trying to do somewhat of an awkward pose haha.*

As for my outfit, this was the best I could do to keep warm in the absolute freezing weather of -2 ( This may seem average to you, but coming from a tropical country where it averages around 40 degrees, I felt like a waddling penguin lost in Antarctica). I love my newly acquired coat from Asos, which is currently one of my favourite online stores to shop +shipping is free (double bonus). This coat was my life savior around Paris, and without out I really don't know how I could have survived.  I opted for  subdued colours in my look as my coat had dark tones of black and brown and with brighter jeans and shoes, the outfit would look almost tacky and overly bright. Although my outfit was quite toned down, I could resist adding a pop of colour to brighten up the mood. This is definitely something magical about this location- matching soft hues of pink adorn the marble pillars and checkered black and white tiles, I'm sure even Grace Coddington would pick this location as a photoshoot for Vogue.

What do you think of Versailles?
+There will be several more posts of Paris to come!



Blogger Q&A with Tatiana

Its that time of the month again for the Q&A segment! I have been following Tatiana's quirky blog for quite a long time, and each of her posts are crafted so well together that I knew I had to interview her. With such an original blog name (The Deathly Fashion) and eccentric style of fashion, this avid Harry Potter fan/Californian based teenage-blogger explains how she manages school and a blog, and her favourite must haves!
1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I was inspired a lot by Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast, she was one of the first blogs I had read and I loved it. It felt great to know that fashion lovers aren't afraid to put their originality up on the Internet to show others. That by itself was a great inspiration.

2. Describe your style.
I would definitely describe it as experimental. Everyday I try out different styles from real prep to very skater/cool girl. It really depends on my mood, what music I listen to at the time, and even other blogs. 

3. Favourite places to shop?
eBay is your bestfriend! Other than that, I like Cotton On, H&M, and I'm starting to get into Forever 21. (Story of my life as a teenager with a small budget.)

4. How do you juggle between schoolwork and finding the time to blog?
That's a great question! I take a lot of Advanced Placement classes and have extra circulars including yearbook, so it takes up a lot of my day. It's definitely a debate on how to prioritize them, but I blog in my spare time at the moments since I have a lot of responsibilities. School has always been first for me. 

5. Favourite trends of this season?
Leather has shot through the roofs and I love it, different textures are great. I also loved the laser cut-outs during NYFW back in September.

6. Where did you come up of the name "the deathly fashion"?
It came from the title of the 7th installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I just really liked the idea of putting something personal about me in my blog title.

7. What do you hope to achieve in your blog this year?
Gain more followers and getting know more bloggers. Networking is super important, so it's one of the top goals for me this year.

8. Dream career and city to live in?
My dream career is to be an editorial stylist, preferably for W Magazine. As to live, I'd definitely want to base in LA or New York City, but travel around the world to do jobs.

9.  5 things you cannot live without?
    1. My Family 
    2. My iPod (Music + taking pictures!)
    3. Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss
    4. Green Milk Tea
    5. My Betsey Johnson Watch

10. Favourite books?
I love all the Harry Potter books (of course), my favorite out of the 7 is Half Blood Prince. Besides HP, I really love Howl's Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones and Target Underwear and a Vera Wang Gown by Adena Halpern. Fantasy and Sci-Fi books are my favorite but right now I'm branching out and reading a John Green book recommended by a friend. (I'll let you know what I think!)

//find Tatiana's blog here//


Styling crop tops

Spring is finally starting to show its true colours, after snows in March and below freezing weather entering April. Crop tops are the epitome of careless, warm weather fashion. Whether you should find yourself relaxing in the Hampton's or venturing into a beautiful European city this Spring break, a crop top can be your best friend.  Crop tops can often be perceived as tacky, disrespectful, and even "slutty", but only because many don't know how to style these versatile tops so below are a few tips on how to compliment your outfits.
crop top 2
Crop tops are famous for being the ideal, carefree clothing item for the beach. This first look showcases the fun and young side of a crop top. Frolicking around a tropical island on a beach paved with white sand in a crop top and denim cut offs is the embodiment of a teenage Spring break. Paired with a beaded clutch and thong sandals, you have a paradisiacal crop top outfit. 

crop tops 1Crop tops can often be perceived as risqué, due to the revealed midriff, however the outfit above shows that crop tops can be elegant and sophisticated. If you aren't very comfortable showing too much skin, a high waisted skirt can come to your rescue. White and yellow, a combination seen at Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer '13, is a surprisingly dynamic union of colours. There is a certain air of class in this outfit, that is often not associated to crop tops, but is exactly what makes this outfit perfect for a stop by at a Parisian café during the Spring months.
These are only a few examples and there are endless of ways on styling crop tops, as long as you do it right and make sure you don't look too uncomfortable or tacky by taking into account what you are dressing for.
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