Silvian Imberg Swimwear Show

Thanks to the lovely Pop Spoken team, I had the greatest privilege to experience Silvian Imberg's swimwear show on Saturday at the tents @Marina Bay Sands, part of Fide Fashion week. When I arrived at the event, the place was already buzzing with atmosphere, well known Singaporean bloggers (mentioned below), snazzy socialites to slightly demanding photographers, it was definitely a fabulous night! Unlike any other normal swimwear, Imberg's show incorporated of lavish bikini's, elaborate one piece costumes and flowing kaftans.
These two kaftans were definitely the highlight of the show for me. Soft hues of pastel pink and cyan blue gave the kaftans a very flirtatious and relaxing feeling. Kaftans are great for wearing to the beach, or to show off in summer. I have a penchant for all kinds of prints, which you would find all over my closet, so to see these gorgeous prints on the runway was definitely one of my highlights.
"Pretty in Pink" was the next theme that Silvian had chosen to incorporate in his designs. These looks were a little TOO girly for my taste, with ruffles in mostly every swimsuit of the theme, it looked slightly out of place and tacky, to be honest. Aside from that little piece of criticism, I adored the intricate beading in these swimsuits that accentuated the womanly figure. After every flawless model walked out in her swimsuit, she would be wearing simple but classy golden or silver shoes, which I really loved. A nice pair of statement heels is something all women should have.

meeting Singapore fashion bloggers: Veena, Meera, Susannah and Peng for the very first time!
Models strutting down the runway for the last time, Imberg taking the applause.
This was my second fashion show I've been to, my first one being Zac Posen, and hopefully many more!
Have you ever been to a fashion show/swim wear show before? Leave your thoughts below!
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The 17th centuary baroque style has squeezed out of our history books and into our wardrobes and runways this fall/winter. Undeniably the biggest trend to kick-start this fall/winter, baroque has mananged to get on all the big runway names including, Lanvin, Versace, Dolce and Gabanna and Rag & Bone. This trend is beautifully insprired by the 17th century, Baroque Era in Europe. Baroque is influenced by the art, architecture, fashion and history of that period. There are many lavish and luxorious prints showcased in the baroque trend. This eye-catching look features lush fabrics and ornate details. The glamour of this trend is easily translated to everyday wardrobes. A pair of baroque printed pants and a slouchy sweater is great for casualwear. Dressing up baroque pieces is very easy, a dramatic black dress with gold embelishments is perfect for any fancy occasion. 

What do you think of this trend, would you ever wear it? Tell me
what you think in the comments below!


city of lights part #1

the view of Santa Monica Pier from our hotel!
4 weeks ago, I had the greatest pleasure  of going to the city of Los Angeles with my family for the midterm holiday, where I've dreamed of visiting for so long I can't even remember! I can't even describe my love for this bustling and magical city (not trying to sound naive)! It's hard not to fall in love with this sweet charm of LA, where there's always something fascinating happening on every street. 

Houses from the top: Jessica Alba's, Matt Damon, and the house Michael Jackson died in.
Whilst I was traipsing around the famous and expensive Rodeo Drive (which is basically an overpriced Orchard Road or Regent Street), trying to take pictures with my mum's ever so bulky DSLR of all the beautiful window displays wishing I could buy something (#firstworldproblems), its hard not to notice the stereotypical 'hollywood girl' 
(think 'fake tan, fake boobs, platinum blond streaks,high heels...'). Being a tourist, I had to do all the famous attractions in LA which I thoroughly enjoyed like seeing all the celeb houses, visiting the hollywood sign, walking down Rodeo drive and The Grove, Beverly Hills, and of course the Hollywood walk of fame. LA was an overwhelming and memorable experience which left me starstruck the entire trip although I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity! 

Have you ever been to LA? Leave your thoughts below!

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~photos taken by my mum~




Have you ever wondered who laboured countless hours away making your new sweater? Or who hand-made that gorgeous necklace you just saw in a beautifully arranged shop window? Many of the biggest high street, and even some high end, shops use horrifying sweatshops to create their "masterpieces." Marks and Spencer's, Banana Republic, Nike, H&M and Adidas are all rumoured and have even confessed to use of sweatshops. If you are unfamiliar with sweatshops, they are unacceptably dangerous working environments where the workers earn usually less than minimum wage for working very long hours. Sweatshops can also breach the laws against child labor. You might believe that in our day and age, in 2012, a thing like sweatshops wouldn't exist. Imagine a child as young as 6, spending his days making a sweater for you and me, just to stay alive. The thought is just gruesome. This fact is shameful for every single brand that pays for sweatshop use. Dozens of workers, widely underaged, sit in dirty and unhygienic factories to gain a mere 1.60USD at the end of their 16 hour shifts. Sweatshops are however not only found in less developed countries such as Cambodia and some parts of India, they are found widely in the U.S. Sweatshops need to be brought to light, the fashion industry has oppressed this issue. Many people have taken a stand against sweatshops and vowed not to purchase anything from a shop that uses sweatshops. Nicole and I have both taken an oath to restrain from buying from any shops that use sweatshops. 

Tell me what your opinion on sweatshop labor is? Should there be a official stop put to this?
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