Spring Favourites

Spring Favourites

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I think I have already made myself clear on the fact that I adore spring. It is the most perfect season of the year. One of things I cherish most when it comes to spring is the undeniably gorgeous spring fashion. Every year we are bombarded with interesting, we'll-probably-regret-this-in-fall trends, for example the  sartorial return of the Birkenstock. However, the heavens did bless us with some lavish fashions for the lavish season. Kimonos, camis and cropped knits are definitely some of my favourites. Pair any of the above with a pair of boyfriend jeans, sneakers and pastel accessories and consider me, your number one style fan. And the best way to tie all of these stunning garments together, is with a  eye-catching, statement making necklace.

You might be thinking, "What?! Sneakers, boyfriend jeans and loose flowing kimonos, I'll look like a boy!", but fret not. The most beautiful thing about all of these masculine, baggy pieces, is that the colour palette for spring is ultra feminine. Baby blue, blush, pastel green and lilac are everywhere, transforming the somewhat androgynous look into a springtime fairy.

Hope you enjoyed this short post, have a great Easter holiday!




What better way to welcome the sunny days, than to wear the ultimate spring essential? A kimono is perfect for warmer months, as it acts as the perfect cover up and can instantaneously chic-en up any outfit. I paired this one with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and pointed stilettos to add just the right amount of casual and sophisticated. Looking away from the loop hanging out of my lovely kimono, I feel like outfit is the quintessential look for spring. One more week until Easter holidays! However, a massive wet blanket in the form of 5 tests and presentations is going to put a damper on the holiday feel for me. Oh well, three more months, is all I can say. 

Hope you enjoyed the outfit, tell me your thoughts!
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