Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great day! Lately I have been a little bit obsessed with backless dress. Obviously with the weather the way it is I can't wear backless dresses myself, but if you live in a warmer place I definitely would wear something backless this spring! I personally would like to wear a more girly, pink springy style with neutral pink makeup and my hair curled and down, letting the dress be the focal point. If that doesn't float yo' boat I have a few other styles perfect for all different events! 

Spring has Sprung. 

This first outfit is probably my favourite. I loved the nudes and pinks with the soft, minty green. This dress is the perfect backless dress for spring in my opinion, it has the lace, the A-line cut and of course the beautiful v-shaped back. The nude scallop trimmed flats look very simple while still adding the effect of mile long legs. I kept the accessories very, very simple with just one gold+pearl ring that is very reminiscent to the flower of the Daisy Eau De Toilette by Marc Jacobs. Daisy is probably one of my all-time favourite perfumes just because it smells so fresh, young and springy. I decided to let soft pinks finish this look with Essie's nail polish in Sugar Daddy and the Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy for the natural pink flush to lips and a nice light pinky-ness to complete the look. 

Bad Boy.
bad boy

I made this set for the more adventurous Bad Girls. I kept this look very simple by pairing the black, sequinned backless dress with a pair of high top converse to rock the look up a little bit. To make this outfit pop I decided to add a colourful cuff and to make yo' face pop slap on some awesome They're Real mascara by Benefit to finish off this look. 

Beach Love.

This look is perfect if you want to escape to a beach paradise this spring break (which, for me, is in 40 days!). I think this dress is one for all the adventurous gals out there. The stacked bracelets look cool and colourful while the big and beautiful tote brings out the yellow in both the dress and bracelets. To keep the outfit from looking like a crazy person, I kept the sandals toned down and brown. (see what I did there, it rhymes!) 

Hope you all enjoyed this post, which set is your favourite? Do you like backless dresses or are they too risqué for you? Tell me what you think in the comments! P.S HAPPY LEAP YEAR DAY!



Guest Post with Lauren from The Perfect Pear!

Polaroid Wall DIY with Lauren from The Perfect Pear

Hello to all the lovely Green Raybans readers, I'm so thrilled to be here! I'm Lauren from The Perfect Pear! Here's a super cute, and easy way to display all your Polaroid photos! Don't have any real Polaroids like me? No worries, just use the poladroid and print them off! 
 One: start by laying out all of your Polaroids in the order you want them to be. Then flip one column over to start taping. 
Two: Cut out some string the length of your column and space out each Polaroid to your liking! Then tape it tightly, where you see each little yellow square. Do this over and over to each column! I'll admit, it took quite some time! 
 Three: Secure each column to the wall with the method of your choice. I chose to use wall tape, so I can arrange them whenever and not worry about taking the paint off my walls! 
There you go! A lovely little personal Polaroid wall! Happy Crafting!

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the 54th grammy's award.

As many of you know, the Grammy's was two nights ago and being a big Grammy fan I am, I knew I had to make a post about it!

 Can Carrie Underwood get any prettier? This white sequin-and-tulle gown by London-based designer Gomez Gracia makes her look so elegant. I love how Carrie decided to keep it simple with her dazzling white earrings accompanied with a shimmery black brooch.
                 Katy Perry looking all blue with her matching hair in a pale blue lace Elie Saab ballgown, for some reason when I look of this photo it keeps on reminding me of 'The Little Mermaid'! Maybe because of the ocean colours!


When I first saw this picture of Nicki Minaj in this Versace Little Red riding Hood outfit accompanied with a pope look-alike, I have to admit, I was a little freaked out.  NickiMinaj is famous for her wacky and creative outfits but this was definitely not one of her best. Honestly, this look to me looks like something I would see in a horror film.

Rihanna in an Armani V-cut dress look so elegant and formal and flattering!

Taylor Swift looked stunning in this beautiful Zuhair Murad gown, while keeping it simple with her accessories and make up. The design and patterns on her dress is absolutely stunning, I would kill to have a dress like that!

Corrine Bailey Rae killed this look in  Christian Siriano.This ruffle hemline is a signature style mark and she looks so glamorous in it with the matching black dress, black hair and shoes. Everything about this look is beautiful.
Adele winning  6 Grammy awards, she definietely dressed like a winner! This dress made her look so flattering!
and of course... Sophia Grace and Rosie and their sparkling dazzling in their 'Ellen' tutus! Don't they just look so adorable!

What did you think about the Grammys?



Elle Fanning.

Elle fanning is recognized as one of the youngest and most beautifully stunning fashion icons. But she didn't start like this, when she first hit the Hollywood scene, Elle was just 'Dakota's younger sister'. Recently nominated for 6 awards from her most recent movie 'Super 8' and being featured in the front cover of Teen Vogue's february issue, Elle broke out  las a superstar of her own.With an endless string of invites to premieres and fashion shows, Elle's been stocking her closet with haute couture favourites like Valentino, Rodarte, Marc Jacobs and Chanel. I admire Elle's beautiful taste in clothes, her style isn't like a typical 13 year old's wadrobe : High waisted skirts, and crop tops topped with heavy make up.She loves wearing pastels and is all for the natural look. Elle fanning looks up to many people in fashion including  Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavey who she is especially close to. Elle has a great future ahead of her: Just 13 years old ( hard to believe, she looks so grown up for her age!), Elle has such a great future ahead of her. Already nominated for Best Young Actor/Actress in Super 8, campaigned in Marc Jacob's Fall Winter Ad and 'Oh Lola' campaign, I wonder what's next! Elle fanning is just absolutely stunning and flawless. Everything about her is so perfect!

"I look up to so many people in fashion so it’s funny for people to say that I’m a fashion icon.”-Elle Fanning






Hey everyone! I have a shots of the gorgeous colour, great for transitioning 
from winter to spring, BLUE. Enjoy!







Gettin' Nutty.

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I have been so busy lately with school, moving etc.. Thanks to my home economics teacher, I discovered almonds. I have been obsessed with these nutty treats lately and heres why!

Almonds can prevent cancer. Because they are low in saturated fats and high in other nutrients that protect your body such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin E, almonds can lessen your risk of getting cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

Almonds are the best whole food source of vitamin E.  Almonds contain 35% of your daily need of vitamin E. It might not sound like a whole lot but when a nut can make your skin look better and your hair look healthier (which it has been doing!) it is a lot. 

Almonds can be eaten in so many different ways. Allergic to peanuts and can't have peanut butter? Almonds are for you. Try almond butter on your toast instead. Stuck on what to top a cake with? Sprinkle some lightly toasted almonds on it to make it delicious. 

Less than one ounce of almonds contain more calcium than a cup of milk. My home ec. teacher told me this one and I was beyond excited when I heard it. I love calcium, it makes you grow and it prevent osteoporosis. However, milk does contain cow hormones (eeek!) which can lead to break outs. Almonds don't. So if you need some calcium and don't want a glass of milk, grab some nuts. 

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