Why did you start a blog?
I started this blog with my good friend Eli at the age of 12 and we had both enjoyed many elements of fashion. So at that time, we both decided it seemed like a great idea to combine our love for fashion into a blog. In 2015, Eli decided to no longer continue fashion blogging due to new interests, so now it is just me blogging.

Why "The Green Raybans"?
It was just after the summer of 0'11 and the beginning of 7th grade when we came up with the name. At the time, we had this mad craze for Ray Bans so it seemed essential to add Ray Bans to our blog name. We had many crazy and strange initial titles for our blog title at first, but ended up with the final outcome of "The Green" as we were at middle school and had to wear green shirts to school. Atlas, The Green Ray Bans was concocted!

Where do you live?

Favourite bloggers?
Tavi Gevinson, Song of style

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