sneaker season

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"You can never have too many pair of shoes". Carrie Bradshaw first preached it, and I couldn't agree more. Long gone are the days of suffering in uncomfortable shoes, and in are the long lasting trend of comfort and practicality. When styling casual wear, my staple item is definitely sneakers. I basically only wear sneakers and style them with a myriad of outfits, from short skirts, jeans to shorts. They're both comfortable and stylish, and are the perfect shoe wear for a day of walking. They're especially useful to wear on holiday when you're exploring a new place. Trust me, after walking on the streets of London with sandals for 12 hours, you can take my word that sneakers will save your life.

Apart from the Stan Smith's which almost every girl I know, including myself, seems to own, my current favourites are linked above.

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