CNY GUIDE: Oriental red

Chinese New Year plays a huge role of significance in both Singapore and all across Asia. So being half Chinese, it is a major celebration for me. Chinese New Year isn't only about receiving red packets of money (I'm not complaining), but toasting and celebrating to a prosperous new year through eating excessive amounts of delicious food and dressing up for the occasion. Red and gold are traditional colours to wear in this festival, so dressing in these colours are very important. Above, I have compiled an oriental staple of accessories and make up to fuel your inspiration on what to accessorise your outfits   with for those who celebrate CNY. Be it a Kenzo 'eye'-phone case, or a pair of gorgeous red pumps, there is always a way to dress stylishly and brighten your outfit with the right accessories and make up.


Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture

A beautiful array of beaded bodices, classic silhouettes, and flowing chiffons walked down Elie Saab's Spring 2014 Couture runway, and as usual, he did not disappoint. The abundance of pastel colours, seductive sparkles and empire waist gowns typical to Saab were continued into this stunning collection. Each shade looked as if it had been lifted from an Alma-Tameda. Every model looked like a Greek goddess gracefully roaming the catwalk. The blush pink, lilac, gold, hydrangea blue, and eye catching red numbers combined with pleated frocks, ball gowns, and timeless silhouettes made this into the quintessential Elie Saab couture show. To finish off the show, Saab really went all the way, as always. The breathtaking finale dress had flowers embellished onto a soft, beige fabric. Once again Elie Saab has wowed the fashion world with his talent for making exquisite fashion. 


Winter Favourites

After weeks of dull and rainy days, the joys of snow and minus degree weather has finally returned. 2014 really came in with a bang. As soon as the new year began, so did the school year. A new pile of homework, report cards, teachers, students, college applications and timetables has arrived and swept me off my feet. Nonetheless, my perviously lacking motivation and inspiration has been restored. It's kinda funny how a changing one number can make a person alter their ways. Since the last time I blogged, like 86 years a few weeks, a lot has happened. I've been to England for the holidays and come back, finished Gossip Girl for the third time, bought my prom dress (Prom is next month!), started in my last term of high school and done quite a bit of shopping as well. To ease myself back into the blogosphere I thought I'd blog about my current favourites!
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, Chestnut Ugg boots, Ugg Gloves
Ralph Lauren Shirt, Jack Wills Cable Knit Jumper 
Hollister Jeggings, Giorgio Armani perfume, Fur Vest



As we may not have know then when the movie was first aired, Clueless played a huge impact and influence on the way girls dressed in 90s and still remains the same up till now. The movie revolutionised 90s fashion. Every girl in that day and age wished to act and dress like Cher Horowitz, she lived the life all girls envisioned of. Cher is definitely a style icon of mine. Everything Cher donned was pulled off perfectly and she still managed to look flawless. She kind of reminds me of an older version of Regina George (but much classier of course). Plaids were all the rage in the movie costumes, and since the release of the movie, it has become an increasingly popular on both runway and street fashion. We all know Blair Waldforf as a queen bee rocking knee-high socks and school skirts, but she wasn't the first. It originally came into spotlight in Clueless when Cher wore Knee-high socks and school style skirts , which as you can see has made a way back into our wardrobes from the 90s.

clueless fashion
What do you think of the movie clueless?

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