Winter Favourites

After weeks of dull and rainy days, the joys of snow and minus degree weather has finally returned. 2014 really came in with a bang. As soon as the new year began, so did the school year. A new pile of homework, report cards, teachers, students, college applications and timetables has arrived and swept me off my feet. Nonetheless, my perviously lacking motivation and inspiration has been restored. It's kinda funny how a changing one number can make a person alter their ways. Since the last time I blogged, like 86 years a few weeks, a lot has happened. I've been to England for the holidays and come back, finished Gossip Girl for the third time, bought my prom dress (Prom is next month!), started in my last term of high school and done quite a bit of shopping as well. To ease myself back into the blogosphere I thought I'd blog about my current favourites!
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, Chestnut Ugg boots, Ugg Gloves
Ralph Lauren Shirt, Jack Wills Cable Knit Jumper 
Hollister Jeggings, Giorgio Armani perfume, Fur Vest


  1. Die Bluse und der Pulli gefallen mir auch echt gut, total mein Geschmack ;-)

  2. yes yes and YES on all of these items for winter. I need UGGS asap.

    Amanda | feast.fashion.faves

  3. you are so lucky to have your own Louis Vuitton neverfull! :)

  4. by the way- may i ask what kind of 'monogramming' was done to the louis vuitton? because all i see on their website is the huge monograms that go across the entire bag. thanks!
    xo Style Prosciutto


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