Holiday Wishlist

holiday wishlist
The holidays are just around the corner, with snow blanketing the ground and christmas lights draped over every inch of the night sky. We all love the holiday season, spending time with loved ones, eating delicious food and making memories that undoubtably last for the rest of our lives. But let's not forget the best part of the holidays: presents!

1. American Apparel Wool Coat: Outerwear is the single most important garment in an ensemble, especially during the colder months. This classic gem gives off a cool, laid-back yet still put-together vibe; basically everything anyone wants in a coat. I've been lusting after this coat for months now, and hope that Santa's been taking notes.

2. Turtleneck: Turtlenecks have come far since their days of ill-fits and social stigma. With the right tailoring, turtlenecks have an ambience of chic and undeniably fashion forward glamour. Turtleneck sweaters offer a safe haven from the arctic conditions of Scandinavian winters; something I'll need since the temperatures are already dropping below 0. 

3. Brandy Melville Fringe Bag: I have been looking for the quintessential day-to-night bag and I found it in Brandy Melville's black fringe bag. After seeing it in store the other day, I knew it was a sign from God that I needed it in my life. 

4. Mamut Azo Platforms: I've been coveting these platforms for a long, long time. The white and gold combo just oozes glamor. The silhouette keeps the shoe causal, day-to-night and perfect for every occasion (except for maybe a hike in the Norwegian woods).

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8: I adore taking pictures, and the sentimentality attached to polaroids. Theres always more gatherings and parties during the holiday season, what better way to document the memories of your life than with a polaroid camera? 

6. It, Alexa Chung: Everyone and their mum has seem to have read this book, and I think it is high time that I join the band wagon. It seems like the perfect book to cosy up with by the fireplace, getting inspired by fashion, music and art. 

7: Layla Headphones: I'm the kind of person that doesn't go a minute without a song running through my head, or lyrics being repeated in my mind like a constant, never-ending marathon; in short, I love listening to music, so why not wish for these beauties? 



bliss in bali

Dress: Boutique in Bali | Hat: Urban Outfitters| Sunglasses: Raybans | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Greetings from Bali! I have just spent the most relaxing week soaking up Bali's sunshine and haze-free skies while eating deliciously raw food. Above is an outfit I wore while staying at a spa retreat in Ubud. Situated high above the trees, you are greeted with peaceful tranquility and scenic views, which are the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Singapore's constant buzz. It's so nice to be away from school work (even if it is only 5 days) and relax with no distractions. For my outfit, I kept it fairly simple as I didn't go out of the resort during my span of the trip. I threw on this gorgeous Kaftan which is perfect to wear over a bikini and also extremely comfy. I paired it with my most-used closet item which is this black fedora from Urban Outfitters. I literally used this hat every day of the summer and use it whenever I find the excuse to! To me, it gives off a very Annie Hall vibe, which is what I love the most about it!
What do you think of this outfit?


TGR picks from NYFW

This post is long overdue as NYFW was almost a month ago, but below are my favourite looks from fashion week. Whilst I was looking at the collections, I noticed that florals were a reoccurring trend in the collections, creating a very fresh and summer-y look to try and bring back traces of the summer. Some favourites of mine included Tanya Taylor and Rebecca Minkoff as their collections managed to portray the classic summer look. The looks at Michael Kors were classic and feminine with the dewy and fresh-faced models donning very fresh clothes. What I loved most about the Rebecca Minkoff collection was that the clothes were extremely wearable. The floppy hat was a must-have staple for me in the summer providing some extra flair to any outfit and most importantly sun protection so it was nice to see it incorporated into the models' outfits.
Edgy designs, clothing with an attitude and rocker models are what comes to mind when I think of DKNY, and it was no exception this time. Their collection was eclectic and the models donned neck chokers, giving off a very street vibe. DKNY definitely managed to capture city looks into this collection, excelling at what the brand does best. Swaying away from the rocker city girl look, comes the elegant and stylish city woman which is exactly what Alice and Olivia's collection captured. The designer took a modern spin on inspiration from the 70s and 50s for her collection. Some favourites of mine included high waisted pants and tea dresses, all in fresh cream hues. My motto when it comes to Alexander Wang is that he can do no wrong which is what he definitely did this time. Although I was a bit skeptical when I read that his motif was recreating famous sport shoes styles into clothing, he managed to skilfully pull of what could have been a disaster. The edgy mini skirts made the collection ultra cool his collection illustrated a fearless city girl.

What were your favourite looks from fashion week?


Pink Beauty

The past few months the fashion world has been filled with pink. The feminine hue has been injected into people lives in the form of long coats, fur throws and jewellery. For someone who isn't too into thinking pink, adding pink through your beauty routine is a marvel idea. Nail polishes and lip glosses are subtle but are perfectly everyday way to don this look. 

1. Chanel Pure Shine Intense Colour Long Wear Lip Gloss, 57 Insolence: What a mouthful! This colour is a quintessential pink colour. I love wearing it as the focus of the makeup, or to complement a look. Also, as the name might suggest, it is long wear, which means ideal for school!

2. Victoria Secret Shiny Kiss, Candy Baby: I cannot begin to explain my love for these lip glosses. They're sticky, shiny, tasty, and pretty. Add the affordability and you've got yourself a winning product.

3. Korres Lip Butter, Jasmine: For those who want something sheer and hydrating, this lip butter is great. It adds a thin layer of neutral pinkness to the lips, and suits all skin tones.

4. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish, Sweet Dreams: This colour is that one bright shade that works through every season. Its unexpected for the autumnal months and makes you reminisce about warmer days. 

5. MUA Nail Polishes: MUA nail polishes come in a variety of different hues, purple-y pinks to pale rose colours. They're compact, but with a big brush that lets you apply them evenly and thickly. The fact that they only cost a pound each is just the cherry on the top. 

6.  Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish, Pulsating: This nail polish is absolute perfection if you're a little lazy with your nails, like me. All you need is one coat, one application to get a strong, bold, and opaque colour. The metallic-y essence of the colour makes it a more fall/winter colour but the bright colour adds a pop to those grey, autumn days.


A week in New York

First things first, I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts on the blog lately and although I could say I've had no time at all to blog, that would be a lie and honesty is the best policy am I right?! In fact, I've spent most of my free and valuable summer time religiously watching season after season of Gossip Girl and playing the Kim Kardashian game. During my month of not blogging, I spent an amazing 2 weeks in London and a week in New York both sight seeing and exploring the two beautiful cities. This was my 2nd time back into the concrete jungle of New York and within the span of a week, I managed to tick off almost everything (sadly didn't have time to visit Bath and body works) on my mile-long New York bucket list so I thought I'd create a guide of my favourite things that I encountered there. I may be no New Yorker but I hope this guide helps you the next time you visit New York!
fashionista (NY)
SoHo/The MET/Upper East Side
Known as the fashion capital of America or really one of the fashion capitals of the world, there will always be something to do in the city when it comes to fashion. My favourite thing was visiting SoHo. Its distinctive cast-iron buildings and external fire ladders prove to be way more than just a typical shopping area. Housing upscale trendy boutiques like Opening Ceremony to popular high street brands like Brandy Melville, there is a shop for all ages and shoppers.
The majority of the department stores like Barney's, Bloomingdales etc are all in the Upper East side which I briefly visited but what I really liked about it was that it's only a few metres away from Central Park, which is my favourite place in the city. New York really has the best shopping and some of my favourite stores there include Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville and Anthropologie.
There's always a fashion exhibition at the MET and this summer, it featured Charles James's designs. Personally, I really enjoyed the designs but what I loved the most was how the designs were shown. Next to each gown, a visual screen would project the intricate process of the gown making through a myriad of pictures and diagrams, showing how the glamorous gowns were crafted from start to finish.If you're in NY right now, this exhibition in the MET is definitely a must-see! Head over to the rooftop while you're there to experience the best and most breathtaking views of Central Park. If you're a Gossip Girl fan like me, then you definitely need to take a picture by the MET steps. Call me cheesy, but it was definitely worth it!
cultural (nyc)
New York is blessed with a diversity of museums  and above are my favourite museums and sites that I went to. The Jeff Koons exhibition at the Whitney Museum is one of the most colourful and interesting exhibitions I've been to and I definitely recommend it for anyone going to New York. If you had to pick one museum to visit, MoMa is the one you should go to. Be prepared to bring tissues if you go to the 911 museum. It is one of the most moving museums filled with gory images of the tragic 9/11 attacks.

foodie (NYC)
Before coming to New York, the food was probably the thing I was most excited for. If you know me or seen my instagram, you'll know that I'm a massive foodie and hungry every hour of the day. Feed me any day and we'll become friends instantly. So it comes to no surprise that I ate pretty well this trip and above are my favourite eats from the trip.
The fact that I still want more after digesting 2 burgers, 1 vanilla milkshake and some cheese fries later proves that Shake Shack has the best burgers in town. Although many people think it's overrated, I personally think Shake Shack is the best burger joint in the city. 5 Guys also has yummy burgers at very affordable prices for those of you who don't like Shake Shack. I read about Pure food and wine from a few different blogs so it was only natural that I had to see what the hype was about. I was worried that the food would be too raw for my taste as I read all the foreign food ingredients on the menu, but the food was honestly so amazing and knowing that what you're eating is completely raw and vegan is an extra bonus. If you're there, you should definitely try the lasagna pictured above. For more healthy food, Whole Foods Market is without a doubt the best place to go to. Walking into Whole Foods is like every health-obsessed person's heaven. For a variety of food, Chelsea Market is the place to go. There is honestly so much selection to chose from it can make you dizzy. After taking a long look at all the different stalls and restaurants, I finally ended up eating the lobster which I really recommend.
If you're on a tight budget, I wouldn't recommend Nobu as it's pretty pricey but it was Restaurant Week when I was there so the prices were super affordable. Koi was also another sushi place that I really loved. Their spin of Californian style rolls and traditional Japanese sushi make the restaurant really unique.
Last but not least, when you're in SoHo be sure to queue at Dominique Ansel Bakery. After a 45 minute queue just to get inside, you're surrounded by every type of sweet dessert on display. Truth be told, it was really frustrating narrowing down what to order because there was so many sweet choices. You must try the cronut while you're there since they were created by the baker himself! (there's even a separate line just for the cronuts!)

explorer (NYC)
There are endless amounts of places to explore over New York and I pretty much went to all the touristy places so if you have any recommendations, I would love to read about them in the comments! Central park is without a doubt my favourite place to go to in New York. Take a 30 minute scroll and you'll be surrounded with lush greenery, tons of skilled buskers and lots of gorgeous architecture. Central park definitely has a very likeable atmosphere that no other park can compare to. What I love about it the most is that it provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Another park worth exploring is definitely Washington Square park. I went there after a tour of NYU and explored Union Square which is just a few minutes walk away. From chess players to more buskers, Union Square is constantly buzzing as well. For awesome views of the city, I went to The Top of the Rock where if you look closely you can see Lady Liberty herself. The High Line was my second favourite place to explore. Originally a railroad, it's now been converted into a one-mile walkway and again has a very buzzy vibe. The popsicles are a definite must-try if you're walking on a really hot day like I did!New York is constantly buzzing, and it definitely is the city that never sleeps.

What's your favourite place in New York?
You can check out my summer photos on my instagram here!


summer jumpers: zalora edition

*Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are genuine and honest*
zalora edition
Zalora is without a doubt my favourite Singaporean online store. Housing brands like River Island and American Apparel, I love going on their website and always manage to find something I like which is always both a good thing and bad thing (from the perspective of my mother). As summer is here, jumpers and cardigans are vital in all of your summer outfits for those cooler summer nights and days. Be it a chunky over knit or a a printed cardi, I have categorised how to style the staples for this summer.
1. The Print
It's time to get that printed sweatshirt out of the back of your closet and incorporate it into your summer outfits! Printed jumpers like the one above can be hard to style because of over-clashing so my #1 tip would be to keep everything else in the outfit relatively plain and pair with light accessories so that the printed jumper is accentuated.

2. Colour block
One of my favourite styles of jumpers is just a plain jumper. Above are my two favourite ones from Zalora. Layer chunky and statement necklaces with a pair of skinny jeans, a floppy fedora, and your perfect summer outfit is ready! I personally own many plain knits in my closet because they have served to be extremely easy to style with because of the simplicity and versatility to them.

3. The Kimono
I admit that I'm not a fan of the kimono at all because I think it's so overrated and it's been worn by everyone so much that it's become annoying to look at. BUT if you do manage to find a unique style of kimono that no one else seems to have (which is almost impossible nowadays), your outfit can look really good. Kimono's are extremely lightweight which is the quintessential summer wear for overbearing hot days, which is basically all year round for Singapore. I'm not wearing you shouldn't wear it otherwise I wouldn't have posted this, but if you do manage to style it in a unique way away from the mainstream styling, then you are good to go!

4. The classic cardi
If you don't already own a classic cardi like the one above, I suggest you go buy one right now for the summer. It is perfect for almost every occasion and will probably be your most used summer buy this holiday. My #1 tip would be to buy a neutral cardi like hues of cream, silver or brown so it can be easily paired with something bolder to make a statement.

To find more jumpers and cardigans from Zalora, you can find them here!
How would you style jumpers and cardigans? Let me know in the comments below!


exploring haji lane

Top: Topshop| Skirt: Urban Outfitters (gifted from a friend)| Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs|Shoes: Charles & Keith| Necklace: Topshop| Sunnies: Topshop
Summer has finally arrived and I couldn't be more happier! During my two-month break, I'll be hiking in Ladakh for two weeks with my school, then flying to London and New York.I am beyond excited and can't wait to share my experience up on the blog!This is one of my first proper outfit posts on the blog (as you can probably tell by cringey cliched poses) and what better place for it take than Haji Lane. Haji lane is a perfect gem to find quirky and stylish clothing, ranging from boutiques to local blogshops.  It is by far one of the most unique shopping experiences  that you will find and enjoy in Singapore, and also one of my favourite places to go to. While in Haji Lane, I love to take a look at a variety of blogshops including Crayon which is my go-to shop there, housing brands like Minkpink, Motel and more. On my outfit, I am wearing my favourite skirt of the moment. This monochromatic skirt is super versatile and may I mention super comfy (?!) which is always a bonus. It slightly flares sideways giving it quite a retro-look, and what I like most about it is that it has a 60s vibe to it. I got this Marc Jacobs bag as a birthday present last year and it is definitely my most used staple item. From going to the movies or going to the park, this bag has been worn everywhere. While choosing my outfit, I tried to keep it quite simple in terms of colour coordination as I only wore black and white. I love this statement necklace from topshop because it can spice up any plain outfit and make it more appealing.

These photos were taken by my talented mum and you can check out her photography page here!
Let me know whether or not you'd like to see more outfit posts in the future in the comments below!


Something new, something blue

Boyfriend Jeans| Topshop, Top| Boutique, Sandals| Aldo, Midi Ring| New Look, Blue Ring |Gifted,Bracelets |Gifted, Nails| Essie Lovie Dovie 
With new hair, new clothes, a new piercing, and a newfound inspiration right in time to welcome the new season! Summer is finally here. That time that everyone looks forward to all year. As to where I have been, I wish I could say I was on some Thai island where wi-fi doesn't exist and people are always tanned and everything is always perfect and summery. However, I've been cramming away for finals. Who knew they could be so exhausting? Now with only a oral exam left (this week) I am so close to graduating. 

Apart from exams, I have also been in London! It was an absolute blast, it always is with family. I picked up a bunch of amazing clothing pieces, including what I'm wearing. I also got my hair cut, as you can see, it was down to my butt before! I got it done in Rush on Oxford street, it was a great experience and I don't regret it one bit. 

As for the outfit, I've been wearing blue jeans and a white shirt way back before they made Lana's eyes burn. This rendition of the much worn look has to be my favourite. Boyfriend jeans are the best for summer 'cause they keep you feeling and looking cool. My white shirt isn't exactly your typical white T-shirt either. The intricate mesh detailing adds a little animal magnetism to the look. But to keep things summery and festival, I added a few subtle accessories. 

Hope you're all having a great week! Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below!
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dresscamp fall 2014 review/Audi Fashion Festival

With internationally acclaimed designers like Prabal Gurung and Oscar De La Renta and homegrown designers like Hansel and Ashley Isham, last week's Singapore's annual Audi fashion festival proved to be bolder and better than previous years. Unfortunately, I couldn't grab seats for Prabal Gurung and DLR which I was REALLY looking forward to, but I did manage to attend Dresscamp, a Tokyo-based fashion brand, thanks to Parco.
Favourite looks:
In all honesty (and as cocky as this may sound), I found the whole collection quite tacky and very unwearabale. Although I didn't enjoy the majority of the looks, above are the two looks I favoured. The head gear above was definitely very Kate Middleton-esque (and who doesn't love Kate Middleton) and it complimented the white dress nicely. It was also one of the few looks in the show that wasn't bombarded with an array of loud prints. The look next to it isn't something I would ever wear, but it had to be my 2nd favourite look. I think what really attracted me to this look was that it deeply resembled a poodle which I found quite funny. You can definitely give the designer kudos for integrating modern day japanese couture culture into the clothes, which was evident throughout the whole collection.
*Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and these are just my personal ones. I am not here to hate on the designer, but just to express my opinions.*
These two looks were really disappoining and definitely my least favourite looks in the collection.The loud print in the first image clashed too much and there was definitely an unnecessary amount of frills to my tasting. In my eyes, the second look is pretty self explanatory for why it's my least favourite look.  The dress would have been quite nice without the black lace, which frankly ruined the whole outfit. If the makeup was much more natural with less eyeliner and heavy hair, I feel like the collection could have been nicer because all the focus would only be on the clothes.
Dress-Zara|Clutch-Cheap Monday|Necklace-Anthropologie
left: with my friend Sam
right: with Mariana, fellow fashion blogger!
Comment below what you thought of this collection!


colour inspiration


CHARCOAL(just my obnoxious way of saying black)
 all pictures are from various tumblr's
Hectic is probably the most suitable word to describe the past few weeks for me. From revising for my first ever exams and doing my exams to spending a week in Tokyo, I blame these activities for my withdrawal from blogging. But since my exams have thankfully finished for now, I will try to post as regularly as I can! Above, I have categorised a series of my favourite pictures at the moment according to their colours. Light colours like blue, grey and white can really neutralise any outfit and can match almost any other colours of an outfit, which makes it so versatile. In the past few months, black ensembles have also become essential in my wardrobe, be it a casual outfit out or a more dressy outfit for dinner. I don't know about you, but these covetable outfits above make me drool with envy. They are all very wearable and look so comfortable, which is essential this season.
What are your favourite colours to dress for?
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