The Sweatshirt

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Sweatshirts? Yes, sweatshirts. Once a garment only to be used on a cold winters evening curled up by the fireplace, sweatshirts have been totally reinvented. The look above showcases a look ideal for running errands, meeting friends, and of course, brunch. Who doesn't love to look ultra chic while feeling warm and cosy? Carry on the loose-fit silhouette into some destroyed boyfriend jeans or go for the skort option. Add glamour to the simplistic and casual look by pairing it with some cobalt blue sandals, to accentuate the blue in the embroidery on the sweatshirt, and a shiny chain necklace. Although this look might seem slightly done, or perhaps it is the skort that everyone and their mother have been wearing this season, it really is the epitome of sweatshirts in 2013. Sweatshirts have been totally transformed from a slouchy thing you throw on while you hang around the house to a must have street style item that a girl couldn't live without. 

What are your thoughts on sweatshirts? Would you splurge on a designer piece of lounge wear or stick to the high street?



Chanel cruise Singapore

To find out that the Chanel Resort show was going to be held in Singapore this year was truly a shock yet such an excitement for fashion aficionado's like myself who reside in the small diamond of Singapore. Karl Lagerfeld is known for making his cruise shows quite spectacular each year, basing his designs on the exotic locations he chooses to host the shows. From the beautiful gardens of Versailles where Karl Lagerfeld's design was based on French Monarchy, it was no surprise that Karl would take a few ideas from this tropical country. The show took place in Loewen Cluster in Dempsey Hill, which was a  group of clusters used as British army barracks dating back to it's historical context.
As for the make-up, each fresh-faced model was given a very au-natural look, with subdued tones of red lipstick and smoky and crisp shades of azure and black for the eyes. Each female model sported a dazzling pair of dangling earrings on just one side of their ear, which added to the unique vibe of this collection.
The theme "Black and White" was extremely evident throughout the 80 pieces of this resort collection, with almost every look clothed in a contrasting monochromatic hues. This collection was the epitome of sporty-chic, displaying models in all kinds of sportswear like the androgynous cricket wear pictured above. What I really loved about these looks was the crisp and refined silhouettes made,  to represent Coco Chanel's iconic designs.
As Lagerfeld had  released a new movie to celebrate 100 years of Chanel the day before the show, it only made sense to go back to the original roots of the brand, which is why the cruise collection was only featured with a refreshing palette of beige, navy, cream, and black. Of course in true Chanel/Karl fashion, there was an abundant amount of pearls and intricate detailing that left the crowd in awe and in admiration. A surprising element in the show was that Karl decided to incorporate sarong-inspired outfits, which is a common clothing style used in Singapore a lot.
I thought it was necessary to make a collage dedicated to Cara. I was fangirling so much when I found out she was here to walk for the show and although many people think she is overrated, she is truly one of my favourite models. She looked absolutely flawless in this midriff print-outfit while her eccentric feathery dress was truly one-of-a-kind.

I find this photo really amusing for some reason-technology is such an important piece in people's lives as you can see from this picture.Rumour has it that the show was held in Singapore because the Chanel store in Marina Bay Store has highest income rate out of all the other stores throughout the globe having many daily buyers- the most although Karl Lagerfeld has denied all rumours.
I like the idea that it’s not impeccable ... There’s a romantic charm that new things cannot always have. It’s not [just] about the historical details, but also the mood.” 

{photos courtesy of Tom White Photography and Style.com}


Wednesday Wants

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Whenever I'm feeling slightly under the weather and have to spend my days in bed sipping on green tea, I tend to lust over the variety of pretty things on Net-a-Porter or Shopbop. Here are my current picks.

1. Ray Bans Clubmaster Sunglasses.  I have been craving these sunnies since last summer and I just cant seem to get enough of them. Its the slightly vintage look the half frame gives and just the fact that they look surprisingly good on me, surprising because I can never seem to find glasses that don't make my face look the size of a pea. I want need these now. 

2. J Brand Aiden Boyfriend Jeans. Boyfriend jeans may be the most manrepelling clothing item ever made, but they are so chic. These ones from J Brand are cropped, distressed and light wash, which makes them the quintessential summer denim. 

3. Jimmy Choo Biel Wedges.  What is it that makes these shoes so gorgeous? Is it the stark white colour? Is it the unexpected yet so practical wedge? Or just the refined simplicity the shoes carries? Whatever it is, I long the day these are in my closet. 

4. Lulu Frost Crystal Necklace. This stunning piece is the ultimate representation of a crystal necklace. The intricate details and the exaggerated crystals are just so me. 

5. Rebecca Minkoff Mac. Ah, the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch. The bag that every youtuber/ blogger has been coveting since it's release. Its practical, its pretty, and its pink. What more could a girl want?



Paris Photo Diary

To try and cram up my trip to Paris in 16 pictures out of the hundreds of photos taken in my recent sojourn to Paris is literally the hardest thing ever but I will try to sum up my musings excusing the nostalgic language. As cliched as this might sound, Paris is definitely one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited-not just architecturally but just everything in general. On every street my family and I roamed, there was always something so magical worth seeing and taking pictures of- be it the Parisian balconies crafted with intricate designs which make up this city, or an inviting display of delicious macaroons. There is definitely a certain flare of elegance in the way the Parisians dress themselves- from old ladies dressed in classic yet stylish coats to modern day ladies dressed in immaculate clothing. We did visit a fair amount of touristy places despite the bustling amount of queues to get in- including the Eiffel tower, Arc De Triumph, louvre, the beautiful grounds of Jardin De Tuileries and many more.

From Top Left to Bottom Right//
1. Blue Skies at the Louvre ( where the Mona Lisa and many are pieces are situated)
2. Despite the gloomy weather, there was spectacular views overlooking onto the beautiful city of Paris seen from the Arc De Triumph!
3. The Eiffel Tower #iphonephotography
4. Karl Lagerfeld's famous Chanel Suits were exhibited in the Haute Couture exhibit (Highly recommend this exhibition for fashion aficionados!)
5. A colourful carousel which I stubbled upon in the heart of the Tuileries!
6. Thousands of lovers come to this bridge every year to put a padlock on on the bridge to express their fond love for each other.
7. #OOTD
8. Resplendent Parisian architecture never fails to impress me!
9. You would only get this picture if you are an avid fan of "The Devil wears Prada". This majestic fountain was pictured in the last few scenes of the movie!
10. One of my favourite museums in Paris; Musee D'Orsay.
11. Inviting displays of chocolate and macaroons (yes please).
12. The Arc de Triumphe.
13. Rue De Rivolo is definitely a shopping must-see in Paris, famous for its unique architectural backdrop and divine stores.
14. A picture from Versailles, you can check out my post about Versailles here.
15. Truffle Pasta, yum yum
16. The beautiful stain glass inside Gallerie Lafayette, one of the most luxurious department stores I've ever come across!
Have you ever been to Paris?


Audrey Hepburn

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."- Audrey Hepburn
Oh, I love Audrey.
Audrey Hepburn- How do I even begin to describe my love for her? Audredy will always be my muse, not only was she was beautiful in the most unique ways. Audrey wasn't just a funny face, she had grace, intelligence and was, and arguably still is, one of the most talented actresses Hollywood has produced.

One of the things that attract me to Audrey is her sense of identity. When it came to fashion, she found her look and stuck to it. Rather than following trends, she wore clean and elegant pieces, that accentuated her best features. Much like Anna Wintour and her pair of Manolo's, Audrey had her little black dress. The dress, designed by her dear friend Hubert de Givenchy, was worn in the opening scene of the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. The dress is most likely the most famous little black dress ever. Highlighting her waist and slender figure was the silhouette Audrey wore throughout the years. Although Audrey had a beautiful sense of style, she always said it was not the clothes a woman wore or the figure she carried that made her beautiful, it was her personality. And Audrey proved she was beautiful both inside and out.  
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