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To find out that the Chanel Resort show was going to be held in Singapore this year was truly a shock yet such an excitement for fashion aficionado's like myself who reside in the small diamond of Singapore. Karl Lagerfeld is known for making his cruise shows quite spectacular each year, basing his designs on the exotic locations he chooses to host the shows. From the beautiful gardens of Versailles where Karl Lagerfeld's design was based on French Monarchy, it was no surprise that Karl would take a few ideas from this tropical country. The show took place in Loewen Cluster in Dempsey Hill, which was a  group of clusters used as British army barracks dating back to it's historical context.
As for the make-up, each fresh-faced model was given a very au-natural look, with subdued tones of red lipstick and smoky and crisp shades of azure and black for the eyes. Each female model sported a dazzling pair of dangling earrings on just one side of their ear, which added to the unique vibe of this collection.
The theme "Black and White" was extremely evident throughout the 80 pieces of this resort collection, with almost every look clothed in a contrasting monochromatic hues. This collection was the epitome of sporty-chic, displaying models in all kinds of sportswear like the androgynous cricket wear pictured above. What I really loved about these looks was the crisp and refined silhouettes made,  to represent Coco Chanel's iconic designs.
As Lagerfeld had  released a new movie to celebrate 100 years of Chanel the day before the show, it only made sense to go back to the original roots of the brand, which is why the cruise collection was only featured with a refreshing palette of beige, navy, cream, and black. Of course in true Chanel/Karl fashion, there was an abundant amount of pearls and intricate detailing that left the crowd in awe and in admiration. A surprising element in the show was that Karl decided to incorporate sarong-inspired outfits, which is a common clothing style used in Singapore a lot.
I thought it was necessary to make a collage dedicated to Cara. I was fangirling so much when I found out she was here to walk for the show and although many people think she is overrated, she is truly one of my favourite models. She looked absolutely flawless in this midriff print-outfit while her eccentric feathery dress was truly one-of-a-kind.

I find this photo really amusing for some reason-technology is such an important piece in people's lives as you can see from this picture.Rumour has it that the show was held in Singapore because the Chanel store in Marina Bay Store has highest income rate out of all the other stores throughout the globe having many daily buyers- the most although Karl Lagerfeld has denied all rumours.
I like the idea that it’s not impeccable ... There’s a romantic charm that new things cannot always have. It’s not [just] about the historical details, but also the mood.” 

{photos courtesy of Tom White Photography and Style.com}


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  7. Beautiful pictures. I love Cara, she's such an amazing model. xx

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  11. Thank you for your sincere comment! Is there anything more classic and chic than Chanel cruise?! Wonderful post and blog! xx


  12. What an amazing opportunity! Chanel/Lagerfield designs are simply iconic and lust-worthy. I truly enjoy how you presented everything in this post, especially the funny photo at the end. I am also glad to ave learned shows are done in such exotic locations.

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  16. This post is so beautifully written! Great job :)
    I love the cruise collections. So classic, elegant and beautiful!

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