The Iconic Blair Waldorf

Lately I have been feeling particularly uninspired. Although there is nothing to steal away the gloomy feeling of winter and exams, I have a few digital places I visit to lift the feeling of being stuck in a style rut. If theres anything that brightens up my mood it is watching some good ol' episodes of the scandalous lives of Manhattan's Elite. Thus, I have concluded my period of slight fashion depression by summing up Blair Waldorf's most iconic outfits. Blair Waldorf is by far my favourite of the cast of GG, she always comes up with the snazziest lines and  sly schemes, while looking stunning. Her sweet, feminine approach to dressing can always be sure to blow me away. Queen B is, and will always be my style icon. She can wear a bold red dress, or mix daring prints and completely full it off. Whether she is wrapped around Chuck Bass' arm, feeding ducks with Dorota or shopping on a busy street in Paris she is dressed to perfection. 

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Golden Globes 2013

golden globes
And its that time of the year again...the much anticipated golden globe awards, one of my favourite award events (excluding the Grammys, of course). Les Miserables took up many awards, with Anne Hathaway scoring supporting actress and the movie getting best picture/movie/musical. Homeland also won a numerous amount of awards-from best drama series, to best actress and actor. While the stars strutted down the red carpet in their shining armor of dresses, I had the vicarious pleasure of analyzing all of the different gowns while eating a Tub of Ice Cream. While analyzing these gorgeous gowns, I couldn't help but notice that most of the gowns were emblazoned with opulent soft shades of cream white and red. All three actresses absolutely stunning in their strapless red gowns. And did I mention the dazzling yet ridiculously overpriced 5.8 million dollar Harry Winston necklace Jessica Alba is wearing?!  Zoeey Deschanel definitely had the best outfit though, matching her v-shaped strapless A-Line dress with a beautiful string of pearls.

Jennifer Lawrence | Dior | Zoeey Deschanel | Oscar De La Renta | Jessica Alba | Oscar De La Renta |
The second reoccurring theme on the red carper was white gowns with a twist. The "Les Miserables" scarlet is shining in her Chanel couture ensemble, her new pixie cut framing her glowing face. With her slightly flared, peplum top and mermaid-like skirt, what could go wrong with Hathaway's gown? Amanda Seyfried wore a lacy,pale pink Givenchy gown, which was a bit of a disappointment. I thought her feminine and girly dress was gorgeous but she could have styled her hair in a different way and added some solid statement accesorries to dazzle up her outfit a little.
Amongst all of the glitz, glamour, and awards, there was definitely one person who outshone all of the stars in this special night. Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely flawless in the beautifully intricate Zuhair Murad gown. Although she didn't win any awards, she was definitely the talk all over town, captivating everyone with her ravishing gown. Her cascading dress accentuates her amazing figure making her look so fresh-eyed. Jennifer paired her gown with a simple but elegant pair of crystal snow-white earrings, giving off a perfect balance of accessories, not overdoing it and making her outfit look tacky.
What did you think about the Golden Globes Awards, what was your favourite outfit this year?
Who do you think was the best dressed in the golden globes?
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lawrence
Jessica Alba
Anne Hathaway
Zooey Deschanel
Amanda Seyfried

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Sweater- Bik Bok
Shorts-  Forever 21 
Boots- Doc. Martins 
Wintertime is not complete without a warm, fuzzy sweater. This outfit brings focus to the earthy colour and striking texture of the top. By pairing the top-heavy look with somewhat clunky shoes like Docs, it presents a balance.  I have recently created a Lookbook account and I would be thrilled if you guys went and took a look at it! It would really mean a lot. 

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