The Green Raybans Turns 2!!

No words can even begin to describe the incredible 2 year journey we have had with this blog. It's hard to believe that we have been blogging for 730 days- wow! This post is more like a gratitude of thanks to all of our faithful gathering of followers and readers who put a smile on our faces with their lovely comments (this is going to be an utterly cheesy post as you can probably tell by now). 
From learning more about the fashion industry through our eyes, to attending our first fashion shows, there has been an amplitude of very exciting memories which will remain with us for the coming years. 

Blogging has been the most exhilarating journey we have ever encountered. The feeling when someone comments on your new post, or sends a flattering email to you is overwhelming! We feel so blessed to have blogged for two sensational years. When we first created this blog, we were two 12 year olds without an inkling of what this blog would become. These past couple of years have gone by so fast, and we are so thrilled to continue blogging. Since the creation of this blog, it has grown into something that we never imagined, and we have grown a great deal as well, as bloggers and as people. We are so excited to have been blogging for two years, and can't wait to blog for years and years to come. 
Here's to an amazing 2 years!


The September Issue.

The much-anticipated September Issues are finally out in stores, much to our delight and excitement. A while back, I watched a really interesting fashion movie documenting an exclusive insight and behind-the-scenes into the hectic life of a fashion employee working for American Vogue. Many of you will recognise this movie as "The September Issue". Amidst all the very interesting quotes in the documentary, one of the quotes stood out for me.
Although this quote is very simple, it proves to be insanely accurate. In January, new resolutions and trends are made to achieve, and  September is similar in that way. In September, fashion magazines aim to release their biggest issue yet (think: the size of a telephone book) and release the hottest trends for this upcoming fall/winter. And although this doesn't apply to me, September is back-to-school for most students, becoming a month of new beginnings and fresh starts.
America's biggest it-girls (and guys) like Blake Lively, Kate Upton, One Direction and more grace some of my favourite September covers this month. Although I love reading most of the September Issues, US VOGUE is definitely and will always be the highlight for me (This years issue boasts an impressive 902 pages)!

What cover did you like the most and which magazine did you enjoy reading?
 The Green Raybans turns 2 in 4 days time! If you have any questions or just anything you want to know, you can email us @ thegreenraybans.gmail.com


Summer Shoes

summer shoes
Shoes in the summer are always the best. As oppose to bulky winter boots, summer shoes are always so bright, adventurous, and fun. Here are some of my favourites:

1. Charlotte Olympia Libra Flats are perfect for when you want to make a statement, and let everyone know what star sign you are. Obviously since we aren't all a Libra, Charlotte Olympia kindly made different flats for every star sign!  

2. This years It shoe has definitely got to be the Valentino Rockstud Pump. The bright pop of pink add a feminine twist to the edgy studded pumps.

3. The Kate Spade Licorice Patent Heel is the best way to add neon to any boring summer outfit. The classic silhouette of the shoe, mixed with the fluorescent hue is the best way to incorporate the neon trend into your summer wardrobe.

4. Isabel Marant Elvis Sandals are a interesting and eye catching pair of sandals. The chunky heel, studs, and bohemian feel make them the quintessential summer sandal. 

5. For those who don't want to show off their toes during the summer, these Isabel Marant sneakers are perfect. When you want to go for a casual vibe these sneakers are a great way to add height, and comfort. 

6. Tory Burch Emmy Sandals are great for when you're going to the beach, because unlike Katy Perry, we do mind sand in our stilettos! They are the typical summer shoe, and a great alternative to your old Havaianas. 

7. Nude high heeled sandals like these BCBG ones are an essential in summer. Whether you are shopping with friends, or going for a formal dinner, heeled sandals will always be of use. Plus, they are so pretty! 

8. A post on summer shoes isn't complete without the Jimmy Choo Lance Sandals. These sandals are the ultimate summer shoes. The colour, the style, the designer. These shoes are just fabulous. 
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