The September Issue.

The much-anticipated September Issues are finally out in stores, much to our delight and excitement. A while back, I watched a really interesting fashion movie documenting an exclusive insight and behind-the-scenes into the hectic life of a fashion employee working for American Vogue. Many of you will recognise this movie as "The September Issue". Amidst all the very interesting quotes in the documentary, one of the quotes stood out for me.
Although this quote is very simple, it proves to be insanely accurate. In January, new resolutions and trends are made to achieve, and  September is similar in that way. In September, fashion magazines aim to release their biggest issue yet (think: the size of a telephone book) and release the hottest trends for this upcoming fall/winter. And although this doesn't apply to me, September is back-to-school for most students, becoming a month of new beginnings and fresh starts.
America's biggest it-girls (and guys) like Blake Lively, Kate Upton, One Direction and more grace some of my favourite September covers this month. Although I love reading most of the September Issues, US VOGUE is definitely and will always be the highlight for me (This years issue boasts an impressive 902 pages)!

What cover did you like the most and which magazine did you enjoy reading?
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  1. I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence's Vogue cover, it's simple but she looks SO gorgeous. I love her!

  2. I could live just by reading Vogue... don't need food...

  3. I loved Jennifer's cover but seeing Amanda Seyfried might sway me. Also I jut started reading your blog and wanted to say that I love it, especially because you guys are teenagers around my age (I'm 14). Thanks so much for writing this amazing blog, it's definitely going to be a frequent read for me!

    Sienna :)


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