Warby Parker: Meridian Collection

Recently our blog has had an abundance of posts featuring sunglasses. Sunnies are essentials for summer, and my personal favourite accessory for summer! When I came across Warby Parker's range of sunglasses, I was over the moon. They have a large variety of stunning frames, from classic aviators to marvellous new styles. I felt obliged to tell all of my wonderful readers about this new discovery. 

Warby Parker was nice enough to let me take a look at their fabulous new collection, Meridian Collection. The Meridian Collection exudes a traveller feel. Ideal for the spontaneous summer months when you are adventuring into the world. Frederick Exley, Ellen Raskin, and Flannery O’Connor are the three writers that have inspired the names of the three new frames. The vivid lives of these writers motivated the classic, yet modern vibe to these shades. Bellow are my favourite sunglasses from this collection. Each one manifests a different story to portray the eyes behind the lenses. 

Raskin in Jet Silver

Exley in Polished Gold

What do you think of this new collection? Check it out here! 

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Summer Essentials

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As the weather gets hotter, skin gets tanner, and school days gets shorter, summer is finally arriving. After a tedious winter the warm breeze in the atmosphere and a shining sun is utterly refreshing. Every year this glorified season rolls up unexpectedly, and we are left with nothing to wear. So here is a list of my personal essentials, to stay prepared for this summer.

1. Cami Top - Recently the cami has been a staple feature in every high street. Layered under a loose knit on a cool summers evening or paired with high waisted shorts, cami tops are a must-have for everyone this season.

2. The Perfect Sunnies - Sunglasses are a must in summer time, while the sun blazes down onto our defenceless eyes. I was recently gifted my dream sunnies, the Clubmaster's by Ray Ban. For a more in depth look into this seasons hottest shades check out this post!

3. Statement Skirts/ Shorts - A statement bottom can make and outfit come to life. Monochrome and stripes have been huge trends this year, combined into one they make the perfect bold piece to dress up or down.

4. Sandals - I cannot stress how important sandals are in the summer months. They are the quintessential shoe for summer. Be it heeled, flat, gladiator, or minimalistic, sandals are great for giving a look just the right amount of charm.

5. Bold Accessories - A neon necklace or a crazy pair of earrings are the best way to put together a simple t-shirt-and-jeans combo that we all have undoubtably worn during summer.

6. Summer Fragrance - In this day and age looking good doesn't cut it, you have to smell good too. So grab a light and flirty scent that fits perfectly to your summer wardrobe.

7. Bright Nails - Bright nails have forever been a summer staple. Every year I stock up on a bold red or an eye-catching neon to spruce up a boring look.

8. The Cross-Body - A cross-body hand bag is ideal for everyday wear. From the theme park to a candle lit dinner, small bags are totally the new black.

What are your summer essentials?



currently loving: sunglasses

Sunglasses play a vital role in our lives, not only do they frame our faces to protect the sun, they are also a form of representation to reflect everyone's different personalities. If you were to wear plain sunglasses with subdued shades of colour, it would suggest that you like to play it safe but lets say someone was to wear quirky sunglasses with vibrant prints, it would suggest that you like to experiment  with new things and you like to take risks. I have never been a big fan of sunglasses, regarding them as just a form of sun protection, but recently I have come across so many amazing pieces while I was scrolling through online shops, and thought I would share my favourite pieces! And with summer coming in just a few weeks, sunglasses will be a big necessity in your daily outfit.

1+2// I have come across these snazzy sunglasses from Karen Walker all over the internet, and they are literally in my tumblr dash the whole time. I am in love with these two sunglasses and they are definitely on my dream wish list. My favourite part of these sunglasses is that they frame your face extremely well and they could suit anyone's face build!
3// Famous for its quirky and stylish sunglasses, Wildfox develops sunglasses into a whole new level of creativity. Although the sunglasses above are quite simple and plain, I absolutely love everything about them. The circular shape of the sunglasses are very unique and elegant and they are also another pair of sunglasses all over tumblr!
4// These sunglasses from asos are almost so comic-like that I didn't realise they were actual sunglasses! The fact that they create a comical illusion on your face proves that they are a definite must-have.

photos from tumblr.
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Peter Pilotto/ AFF 2013

With an exciting week of different designers, both local and international, Audi Fashion Festival definitely proved to be the fashion event of the year for Singapore. Renowned designers like Carolina Herrerra, Peter Pilotto and Ashley Isham (I had the pleasure to see all of those shows-which were all such magical shows to experience and watch!) 
The show I was looking the most forward to definitely had to be Peter Pilotto. I had shamefully only come to know about Peter Pilotto's designs when the AFF calendar was released- his designs are all so unique and eccentric designs crafted with vibrant bursts of prints. The show was buzzing with a hoard of fashionistas, socialites, models and bloggers all over Singapore naming Daniel Boey, Oli Pettigrew, Rachel Erasmus from ANTM, all excited for the show.
Upbeat and fast-paced techno music filled the tent as the models started to parade the runway. The overall theme for these runway looks were the epitome of modern digital print, an upcoming trend that is leaving a big statement on people's outfits. Usually in a runway collections, there are always a few outfits that are ridiculously unwearable but what really impressed me about this collection was that I loved each and every look that was presented on the runway. It is practically an impossible task to create a look that everyone will love, but Peter Pilotto and his partner Christopher de Vos perfected their silhouettes with an equal balance between colour and print, making the designs look crisp and edgy at the same time.  A colour palette consisting of vibrant hues of blue, red, and white made the clothes really stand out and the models were in sleek ponytails so that the centre of attention would be focused on the detailed crafting of the clothes. My favourite look in the show definitely had to be the monochromatic coat (featured above) because of its mirror-image prints and stylish flare it contained! A very distinct theme was also kaleidoscopic Although I loved the show,  there were only around 15 designs and it left the audience (well me, at least) wanting to see more designs. Peter Pilotto has a very promising  future as a designer and I cannot wait to see his future collections!

Have you ever been to a fashion show?
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