dresscamp fall 2014 review/Audi Fashion Festival

With internationally acclaimed designers like Prabal Gurung and Oscar De La Renta and homegrown designers like Hansel and Ashley Isham, last week's Singapore's annual Audi fashion festival proved to be bolder and better than previous years. Unfortunately, I couldn't grab seats for Prabal Gurung and DLR which I was REALLY looking forward to, but I did manage to attend Dresscamp, a Tokyo-based fashion brand, thanks to Parco.
Favourite looks:
In all honesty (and as cocky as this may sound), I found the whole collection quite tacky and very unwearabale. Although I didn't enjoy the majority of the looks, above are the two looks I favoured. The head gear above was definitely very Kate Middleton-esque (and who doesn't love Kate Middleton) and it complimented the white dress nicely. It was also one of the few looks in the show that wasn't bombarded with an array of loud prints. The look next to it isn't something I would ever wear, but it had to be my 2nd favourite look. I think what really attracted me to this look was that it deeply resembled a poodle which I found quite funny. You can definitely give the designer kudos for integrating modern day japanese couture culture into the clothes, which was evident throughout the whole collection.
*Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and these are just my personal ones. I am not here to hate on the designer, but just to express my opinions.*
These two looks were really disappoining and definitely my least favourite looks in the collection.The loud print in the first image clashed too much and there was definitely an unnecessary amount of frills to my tasting. In my eyes, the second look is pretty self explanatory for why it's my least favourite look.  The dress would have been quite nice without the black lace, which frankly ruined the whole outfit. If the makeup was much more natural with less eyeliner and heavy hair, I feel like the collection could have been nicer because all the focus would only be on the clothes.
Dress-Zara|Clutch-Cheap Monday|Necklace-Anthropologie
left: with my friend Sam
right: with Mariana, fellow fashion blogger!
Comment below what you thought of this collection!


  1. Great post dear,love the first look,the yellow one,
    Love your honesty in your post
    your outfits are amazing too
    Check out our blog too
    Keep intouch

  2. This looks so wonderful! That flower headpiece is so cute!

  3. Gorgeous post.!♥
    Follow to each other? Let me know.


  4. Loved hearing your take on this collection,
    and it was a pleasure seeing you again babe!

    x Mariana | www.goingteen.blogspot.sg


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