Elle Fanning.

Elle fanning is recognized as one of the youngest and most beautifully stunning fashion icons. But she didn't start like this, when she first hit the Hollywood scene, Elle was just 'Dakota's younger sister'. Recently nominated for 6 awards from her most recent movie 'Super 8' and being featured in the front cover of Teen Vogue's february issue, Elle broke out  las a superstar of her own.With an endless string of invites to premieres and fashion shows, Elle's been stocking her closet with haute couture favourites like Valentino, Rodarte, Marc Jacobs and Chanel. I admire Elle's beautiful taste in clothes, her style isn't like a typical 13 year old's wadrobe : High waisted skirts, and crop tops topped with heavy make up.She loves wearing pastels and is all for the natural look. Elle fanning looks up to many people in fashion including  Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavey who she is especially close to. Elle has a great future ahead of her: Just 13 years old ( hard to believe, she looks so grown up for her age!), Elle has such a great future ahead of her. Already nominated for Best Young Actor/Actress in Super 8, campaigned in Marc Jacob's Fall Winter Ad and 'Oh Lola' campaign, I wonder what's next! Elle fanning is just absolutely stunning and flawless. Everything about her is so perfect!

"I look up to so many people in fashion so it’s funny for people to say that I’m a fashion icon.”-Elle Fanning





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