Hi everyone! It's been a very very long time since I last blogged and I just wanted to clear up why I haven't blogged and the reasons behind my hiatus. Since the beginning of this blog, I've always treated it as a hobby and just something I loved to do outside of school, but I found as my my school workload and deadlines were increasing, my interest in the blog was slowly fading. Instead of posting regularly with genuine content which I wanted to blog about, I decided to stop blogging as I only wanted to have posts that reflected honest thoughts. However, having recently graduated, I've had a lot more time on my hands and I've really missed blogging so I'm back for now! I thought I'd kick off my post with what I recently wore to graduation. Call me the poster child for procrastination as I leave everything to the last minute, so of course it was no surprise I only ordered my graduation dress a week before grad, resulting in frantic stress attacks that my dress wouldn't come on time for graduation.

I kept my look pretty minimal, from the minimal colour scheme of just gold and red to the minimal make up. However, I was really pleased with how I styled this look, as I found a necklace to accompany my gold clutch, which gave me very anthropologie vibes.

Shopbop gown; Clutch and necklace from India; 

Stay tuned for many more posts to come!!


  1. Nice Blog. Looking stylish in lovely fashion week dress.Such a fabulous and Perfect Outfit. I like this Blog.Please try to Post Beautiful Sarees and Kurtas.


  2. You are looking so beautiful in that red color outfit. Nice.


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