december wishlist

december wishlist

The weather has been crazy here in Norway, with lows of -17 degrees Celsius. My days have overwhelmed by all the stress of exams. Fortunately I have one last exam before the long over due Christmas holidays! I felt I really needed to update the blog so I decided to come up with a small wish list of my favourite picks from Motel RocksTopshop and Black Milk Clothing. This particular wish list, unanticipatedly, ended up having a dark colour palette, which I think is perfect for winter.

1. Geek Sweatshirt from Topshop. The first item on my wish list is, surprisingly, a sweatshirt. This sweatshirt from Topshop is just a essential, casual piece for winter. If you ever need something cosy to relax in, this is the thing. 

2. Galaxy Leggings from Black Milk Clothing. This piece has been everywhere this year. 75 dollars for a pair of leggings may seen insanely over priced, and it is, but these are just so gorgeous. The galaxy print is the exact mix of purple, pink and blue hues. 

3. Studded Acid Wash Denim Shirt from Topshop. A denim shirt is a staple, almost crucial piece in every man and woman's wardrobe. It can be worn in a tremendous amount of different ways. This particular wash and silhouette adds rough, grunge look while still delivering a feminine edge. 

4. Motel Petrolena Strapless Dress. This dress is breath taking. It is so simple, yet brings such a great impact. The dress is a versatile, and brings a romantic however dark vibe. 

5. Zatchels Black Leather Satchel. The final item on my wish list is a satchel. A plain, black satchel would be perfect to start this new year off with! Practical and dainty, it would be marvellous choice for dressing up a dreary school day. 

Thats it for my little wish list, what do you think? What is your biggest Christmas wish? Hope you enjoyed reading and have a great day/afternoon/night! 



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