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As 2012 comes to an unfortunate yet fulfilling end, we both cannot believe what a great year we've had, both in personal lives and achieving goals on our blog. From surviving the much anticipated recent apocalypse, to attending a fashion show for the first time, 2012 has left many memorable experiences. 
1. Daisy |  Marc Jacobs
2. Vanilla Lace | Victoria Secret's
Daisy by Marc Jacobs, or in other words heaven in a bottle. It was love at first smell. Marc Jacobs really hit it this time, Daisy has become my favourite scent this year, and maybe even of all time. A fresh, feminine scent that can blow your senses away at first sniff. Nothing, so far, has beaten this perfume. Other than the fact it smells like heaven, the quaint packaging is absolutlely perfect. A gorgeous daisy delicately placed on each bottle. I have a weakness for anything Vanilla, from creamy vanilla ice cream, vanilla-scented yankee candles, to vanilla perfume. This warm fragrance is infused with small hints of refreshing aloe vera and chamomile, and spices up any outfit with the lovely smell.

1. Maybelline | Great Lash Mascara
2. L'Oréal | Volume million lashes mascara
This year a large amount of beauty trends have included long, fluttery lashes. To translate runway looks into a everyday look can sometimes be a demanding task, however these two mascaras have always been the best choice. For long, defined lashes I always fall back onto Maybelline's Great Lash mascara.  It delivers a natural looking, false lash, if that makes any sense. Whenever I want my lashes to be the centrepiece in my make up look I pick up L'Oréal's Volume Million Lashes masacra. This mascara gives the perfect amount of volume and thickness to the lashes, without sending you straight to clump city. Both of these brilliant mascaras have acted as life savers for me this year, and I highly recommend them.

1. Front Row | Anna Wintour
2. Grace: A Memoir | Grace Coddington
3. Teen Vogue Handbook 
These 3 books displayed above, are a must-read for anyone who is intrigued by the fashion world, or for anyone who wants to make it into the industry.
I bought "The Teen Vogue Hand Book" last summer, and this book is filled with inspirational tips and interviews from famous designers, photographers, interns, make up artists, models and writers. Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Amy Astley, Tory Burch, and many more share their insights on the fashion industry, definitely the best spent money on a book.The moment Grace Coddington's "Grace: A Memoir" ( a memoir about her life and 30 years in Vogue) hit the bookstores, it was sold out quicker than I could blink. The book only came out a few weeks ago, so my excitement was unmistakable when I received this book from Santa. I have yet to read this 1000+ paged-book, as I have spent the past few weeks skiing in the snowy alps of Switzerland, but all the reviews have been highly rated. Grace Coddington rose to fame after 'The September Issue' was released, a documentary showcasing the many difficulties of producing Vogue's most important September Issue. Anna Wintour, Editor-In-Chief of American Vogue is the most influential and powerful woman in the Fashion Industry. Also known as the Ice Queen or Nuclear Wintour for her icy and aloof, yet stern personality, Wintour is praised for her support of eye-catching trends and intellectual style of journalism. With her trademark bob haircut and sunglasses, and enigmatic personality, this book will give you an inside on what is behind Wintour's personal life, and how icy the fashion industry can be.

1. Vanilla Lip Balm | Kiehl's
2. Beeswax Lip Balm | Burt's Bees
3. Kiss Me Lip Balm | Philosophy
It is always important to have good lip balms, so you won't get dry, chapped lips, something any girl does not want. Listed above, are three quintessential lip balms that I feel are great for all occasions, and seasons. I have spent the past two weeks skiing in the snowy alps of Switzerland and these Burt's Bees Lip Balm saved my lips dramatically from severe chapped lips. Because of the cold weather which I'm not used to, I most usually get dry and red lips in cold weather, so this lip balm provided a soothing effect on my lips which I am deeply grateful for. "Kiss Me" by Philosophy, is a great lip gloss for the sun. Not only does it protect your lips with a SPF of 20, it can be used for all occasions, be it a sunny beach or a disco. This lip balm also gives your lips a shimmering layer, giving your lips a bit of pizzaz. We are both huge fans of products that protect our skin, so you can guess that the last product; Kiehl's vanilla flavoured lip balm, is another balm that protect's our lips. As the label reads, this useful lip balm prevents you from getting dry, chapped, and cracked lips while giving you sun protection. While applying this lip balm, a delicious taste of vanilla is left in your mouth.

1. Sephora | Long Lasting 12 Hour Eye Liner
2. Mac | Eye Pencil
As I have been developing my makeup look throughout the year, I have always found eyeliner as a key part. Whether it be a thick old Hollywood wing, or a thin line to enhance the lash line, these two eyeliners can always be useful. Sephora's Long Lasting 12 Hour Wear Eye Liner is my trusty eyeliner, perfect for a winged liner look, it lasts forever and is so easy to apply. Mac's Eye Pencil is a rich, creamy eye pencil, ideal for beginners that want something good quality product that doesn't break the bank.

Thank you 2012 for such a year, hopefully 2013 will treat us well!
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  1. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog! I completely agree that the The Teen Vogue Hand Book is great! Also, now I seriously want to try the Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume!


  2. I love the Sephora eyeliner. Definitely a favourite of mine :)

  3. Hi there dear, and thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love everything in the list and can't wait to try more. Have a great year ahead ladies!

    The Dilly Chic

  4. lovely sets of essentials. happy holidays!

    enjoy your new years eve :D


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