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One thing that I love about going back to school, is buying stationary. I could waste countless of hours in a stationary store just looking at stationary (definitely a guilty obsession). As many of you, including myself, are going back to school in a few weeks, I've posted the school supplies I use in school, which are all great to look at if you're looking for supplies to buy. Although some supplies are on the pricier side, they're all extremely practical and long-lasting, and would definitely recommend them.
  1. Muji Pens: If you do not own these pens, I URGE you to go to the nearest Muji and buy these babies. I use them for all my note-taking, and they are great for just writing anything. 
  2. S'well waterbottles: A lot of youtubers have been raving about how good these bottles are so when I saw them in New York, I knew I had to buy one to see what all the hype was about. After using them several times, I can now understand why theres been so much hype surrounding the bottle. Cold liquids can be kept cool for 24 hours while hot liquids for 12 hours. Definitely a fine example of where style meets functionality. In school, I always have to bring a water bottle with me just to keep hydrated, which is especially prevalent in hot climates like Singapore.
  3. Pamela Barsky pencil cases: I first saw these canvas bags in New York a few years ago, and although they aren't specifically meant to be pencil cases, I use them for the purpose of a pencil case anyways. There are a myriad of prints to choose from, which will suit every type of person. I've been using mine for 3 years now and absolutely love it!
  4. Kate Spade organisers: Organisers in general are the perfect way to plan out your week and keep you in check. They're pretty self-explanatory in their function but the Kate Spade ones are especially cute and a great motivator to use your organiser more.
  5. To-do list: If I could recommend any one thing to use to get organised for school, it would definitely be to-do lists. Not only are they easy to get (or create), they could save hours of wasteful hours spent not knowing what to do first. And, I don't know if it's just me, but being able to tick off tasks I've completed on my list is deeply satisfying!
  6. Herschel backpacks: Having tried out a few different backpacks, Herschel definitely is my favourite. I've had this bag for almost a year now, and it provides great support on the back in addition to being very cute. Plus, there's even a section for you to store your laptop which is a bonus.
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  1. Everything looks fantastic! Especially that organizer. It is so so cute!

  2. I can confirm that Nicole was super stylish for the entirety of grade 12. Good job, Nicole :)


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