summer series: trends

As part of our summer series for the blog, we'll be covering the ultimate summer guide, from outfits to trends. We've kicked off the first segment of the series with my favourite trends for the summer, and how to style the trend. 

SHOES: I don't tend to favour closed shoes during the intense heat of the summer, and tend to opt towards open toed shoes, preferably sandals. Sandals are inarguably my most used shoes. I use them whenever I go out, and they encapsulate the perfect city girl look. This summer, strapped shoes will definitely serve as an essential shoe in my wardrobe. Bloggers like Aimee Song,  Drea Chong and many many more have already donned this shoe trend, the intricate detailing of the shoes edging up any outfit. The shoes are cute and practical. What's not to love? Only problem? Wear them for too long and you'll face an uncomfortable aftermath of painful blisters (a lesson I learnt the hard way last summer). But hey, a girl's gotta suffer for fashion sometimes. Add a cute halter neck, flared skirt and retro sunglasses to your shoes, conjuring up the perfect summer look.
WHEN TO WEAR: A  sunny summer day
SHIRTS: I don't own any off-the-shoulder tops, however it's been on my mind to buy one for quite a while. They exude both femininity and elegance,  proving to be a big step up from the usual summer crop tops. The look I compiled above was very Kendall Jenner inspired; the crisp and fairly plain outfit  is perfect for a day out or a night out.  When it comes to glasses, I've been obsessed with Quay glasses. Each piece has intricate and quirky designs, and there's just too many designs I've been coveting from the store. 
WHEN: For those cooler summer days or for a night out.
DENIM: I wouldn't really classify denim as a trend, more of a staple in every girl's closet. There are a myriad of ways to styling denim, from wearing it as jeans or to styling it as a jacket. I love wearing denim (see how I've styled denim in my recent outfit post)and I've been sporting denim even from my early childhood years. There is no such thing as too much denim. Stack denim upon denim, and what will you get? The perfect summer outfit.

What trend do you like the most?


  1. Great selection, the second one is my favorite!

  2. Loveee those strappy sandals!


  3. The review sounds wonderful! I love the photo and post, You look amazing as always!


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