Spring Beauty Favourites

Flowers are blossoming and warmer winds are blowing in the air. Despite the frequent showers watering Norway, I haven't stopped myself from indulging in some new cosmetics. Many of you may be in the midst of exam season (Good Luck!), and makeup is probably not ranked as the highest priority right now, however I know these simple products were the foundation for my quick makeup routine on days when my biggest concern was what the derivative of x was. 

1. Bio Beauté by Nuxe, Mineral Foundation. To start off this post, I must begin with my new favorite powder. I bought this on a whim in a small pharmacy in the Belgian town of Namur; and it hasn't left my makeup bag since. My optimism took over when I purchased this powdered goodness, and I reached for a color slightly considerably dark for me. This little hiccup on the way to tanned summer skin has not stopped me from using the foundation, in fact it has made it even better! On days when I have an abundance of time when getting ready, I love highlighting my face (under the eyes, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow) and setting it with a lighter powder, followed by this foundation over the rest of my face; I'm then left with an effortlessly glamorous look, with minimal effort. 

2. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. The British equivalent to the Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara, this has been my holy grail mascara since the soft bristles first touched my lashes. Nothing says Spring! like long, fluttery lashes, and that is exactly what you achieve with this mascara. 

3. Mac Lipliner in Soar and Brick. The crazy Kylie Jenner lip craze led me to try out a makeup product well-known for its 90's past: lipliner. I had always associated the product with pictures of my mother wearing her classic makeup look from 20 years ago, I endeavored into the glorious world of lipliners. Soar and Brick have been my favorite shades, and I've used them on their own, or under lipsticks. They allow for a little lip-cheating, as well as being long lasting and giving beautiful color payoff. 

4. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Erase Primer. Under every great foundation, BB-cream, CC-cream, or tinted moisturizer application is an even better primer. This is that primer. The main purpose of primer is to prep your skin for the rest of your makeup, and for those of us who were given less than perfect skin, it is essential to keep your makeup in place all day and to make sure it glides on seamlessly to the skin. Primer is especially important as the temperatures are rising, and we're more susceptible to sweating throughout the day, making this primer an absolute spring favorite of mine. 

5. The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist. Everyone knows floral scents for spring are groundbreaking. However, you might want to try something sweeter this spring. Vanilla is such an underrated scent; it is youthful, sweet, and who doesn't want to smell like a cupcake? To avoid smelling like Martha Stewart's kitchen opt for this body mist, as it gives a lightweight scent instead of a heavy vanilla essence-y odor.  

Hope you all have a great week, and good luck to anyone with exams! Tell me what your springtime favorite is!


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