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As winter is beckoning for most of us (unfortunately though not here in Singapore), there is a new season to dress for. I spend a vast majority of my christmases in snow so winter clothing for me essentially consists of anything warm, snuggly, and extremely comfortable. This basically equates to sweatpants, Uggs and wooly beanies. I'm not a huge believer on dressing for style during winter-comfort is my number one priority. I believe that bold colours naturally aren't a good colour to dress for during this season, as they are obnoxious and can come across as too bold for this season. More subdued colour palettes like black and grey are always a softer and more tone-downed option. Above, I have compiled a few essentials that everyone during this winter needs: uggs, sweatpants, a wooly beanie and scarf, and some warm and oversized shirts.
What are your favourite colours to dress with during winter?
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