3 things I've loved

1. EVENT//Bali Green School:
Thanks to my school's very wide and extensive outdoor education curriculum, I am privileged enough to be able to travel to places all over Asia. Out of the 20+ choices and trips we could pick from this year, I decided pick the trip to Bali's Green School, which boasts an impressive title as being the most eco-friendly and greenest school in the world. Apart from the fact that I love Bali (who doesn't?!), I thought this trip would be less arduous than the other trips. It was more or less two weeks ago when I was in Bali's Green school. Having lived in a city my whole life, it took me quite some time to get familiar with the rural surroundings, especially using the compost toilets.Spending time with nature and its beauty was a very refreshing change from my daily distractions, and I surprisingly enjoyed the trip a lot more than I imagined. This school is far from most people's idea of Bali (think beaches and surfing), and is definitely a haven of tranquil paradise. From the 7AM yoga classes to hiking an active volcano, this school trip has proved to me that Bali has for more beyond to its exterior self of stereotypical beaches and shopping areas. Find more about the school here!

2. TV SHOW//The Carrie Diaries:
Set in year of 1985, where 'Ronald Reagen and shoulder pads were all the rage', The Carrie Diaries chronicles Carrie's life as a 17 year old teen juggling life between high school and New York. Aside from Gossip Girl, this is one of the few tv shows that manages to draw me into the characters lives. To be able to live Carrie's dramatic yet fun lifestyle would be a girl's dream come true. After months of waiting, the series has just come back for another season and I am officially hooked! For lovers of Gossip Girl, Jane By Design and Sex and The City,this is the show for you.

3. ACCESSORY//White watches:
Watch from Nikon//My own white watch from Anthropologie//Marc Jacobs Watch
Over the summer, I managed to develop quite a fetish for white watches. Nowadays, watches have often been discarded and replaced by phones. Watches are a timeless piece of jewellery, they are multifunctional in a way that they are both beautiful and useful. I had been coveting a watch like the one on the top right for quite a while already, but managed to score this beautiful watch in the middle instead. Thanks to incredible summer sales in England, I managed to buy this watch for just $15, which was way way cheaper than the Marc Jacobs one. I am in love with the gold and white colours, and it has definitely been my best summer buy.

Comment below 3 things you currently love!


  1. The Bali school sounds amazing! And I love white watches as well. 3 things I love: The XX (band), Combat boots and Green Tea KitKat.



  2. I really love Carrie Diaries! It's really catchy

  3. What an amazing opportunity to go to The Bali School, it sounds amazing!

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