austria summer.

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to kick off the start of my 8 week summer break in Austria, Europe for the 2nd time with my family. When we arrived in this beautiful country, I was taken back by the beautiful landscapes of mountains and crystal clear lakes surrounding my view and the humid sun! I had just come from Singapore where it constantly rains every day and to be in a country with no rain for a week was definitely a huge relaxation. I spent the week soaking up all the sun I possibly could with lots of sightseeing and mountain hikes!

The cosy hotel we were staying in.
The views from my hotel were absolutely breathtaking!
yummy austrian strawberries.
Austria was full of cows, they were located all over the mountains and this was a typical view from all the tiring mountain walks with my family.
Typical Austrian Costume-The man is wearing a 'Lederhosen' and the lady is wearing a 'Dirndl' which is a typical Austrian dress.

I had such a wonderful time in Austria and it was definitely a break from my normal city life and I cannot wait to go back next year!



  1. .thanks for sharing

  2. Wow! amazing summer and pictures of Austria! I love those views and I'm glad to see something very similar in my country too <3

    I hope you are having a nice week,
    see you cutie!

  3. What a beautiful place! The strawberries look so delicious ;)


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