Advertorial post: Cabinet Reshuffle

 How do you get a completely new wardrobe without buying a thing? It may sound like an impossible task, but with a bit of creative thinking – and a few willing friends – it’s definitely possible.

First of all, you’ll need to take a good long look at your wardrobe and think about what you can live without. Everything in good condition that you haven’t worn in over a year should be taken out. Next, call your mates, and get them to do the same thing. And then get everyone in the same place to clothes swap. You could even make it into a girly party – any excuse! Buy in the wine and pop some pizzas in the oven. Then, invite your mates and their unwanted clothes over and get swapping. Anything that no-one wants can be sold on Ebay or go to the charity shop. It’s an easy way to add some brand new clothes to your wardrobe without spending a thing, as well as getting rid of clothes you no longer want. Your trash is someone else’s treasure!

If you have a man in your life, follow the ‘what’s mine is yours’ rule of thumb, and help yourself to his wardrobe. Boyfriend chic has long been fashionable, and one of our favourite items to steal – sorry, borrow – is his shirt. A classic white shirt, belted at the waist, is a great look for day or night with the right accessories. A blazer is also a fantastic item to nab if your fella is on the petite side. The Very.co.uk G Star jackets collection has plenty of fashionable styles. So much so, that it could make a great gift idea with a two-fold purpose!

Customising is a fantastically economical way to revamp your clothes. Have you got a pair of jeans that you love, but might have seen better days? Make them into cut-offs. A cardigan that’s looking a bit boring, or missing a few buttons, can easily be refreshed by replacing the buttons with something a little more interesting. Try big, nautical-style brass for an on-trend feel.

If you have trousers that are a bit scruffy around the bottoms, simply turn them up to create a new ankle-grazing leg. Old dresses can be redesigned by cutting the hem shorter, or by snipping the skirt off completely to create a new ankle-grazing leg. Old dresses can be redesigned by cutting the hem shorter, or by snipping the skirt off completely to create a new top or tunic. Dying clothes is easily done at home too, and can completely remake an old white top or coat that has been stained beyond repair.

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