bali photo diary

If you're an active (that would be an understatement) instagrammer like myself, you would have noticed that I sojourned to the beautiful place of Bali part as a Chinese New Year break! I spent 6 relaxing days      with my family absorbing the sun-soaked weather of Bali (which was a relief from the perpetual downpour of Singapore's weather), eating way too much delicious food, and exploring the crowded, yet fascinating streets of Bali!
A gorgeous sunset in Bali, something we would look forward to every night. The sunset captures myriad hues of tranquil orange.

From top left to bottom right
1. Our healthy breakfast's in our villa, which I devoured quite quickly!
2. A picture of myself in our villa!
3. A Mango cocktail, something which the Balinese are famous of concocting!
4. Another picture of food (I don't know if you're starting to notice a trend here)
5. A picture of the beautiful and azure pool we had to ourselves!
6. Chinese New Year lanterns.

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on the trend: metallic

Above I have compiled a list of all kinds of shiny metallic items- from gold party tops,immaculate shirts, glitzy make up and studded clutches, Metallic transforms any plain outfit into a glamourous and sophisticated look, giving you a high-end chic style. Ranging in an array of many different colours and experimental prints, style bloggers and models prove just how versatile a piece of metallic clothing can become. 2013 is the year of audacious risks for fashion designers and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for this year.

On top, I have compiled three of my favourite runway metallic looks.
1. This oriental dress in hues of blood red and metallic gold isn't what you would typically think of when you envision 'metallic'. Usually pictured as lustrous and shiny,  this dress brings a new twist to the metallic trend.
2. This metallic look has a very charming yet pristine style, and I love the simplicity to it.
3. Be it a sunny day out or to a fancy event, this simple but quintessential golden tote is perfect for any occasion. Simple, but stylish.

With a 101 different ways to style metallic clothing (be it an androgynous tailored suit or a chic peplum dress, this eye-catching trend proves to be catch of the season.


Blogger Q&A with Parfasseux

With a one-of-a-kind style that has landed this teen blogger on Teen Vogue's website, upcoming Australian blogger Yan has one of the most fashionable closets out (the next Rumi Neeley maybe...?)! I only found Yan's beautiful blog a few weeks ago, but as soon as I laid eyes on her unique and stylish outfit posts, I knew I had to interview her. And with a name like Parfasseux, who wouldn't like her blog?

1.Who are your style muses that you look up to?
I don’t have particular style muses as I look up to anything that appeals to me from street style blogs and magazines. But Kamilya Kuspan is probably closest to a “style muse”. She’s flawless!

2. What is in your wish-list that you are currently coveting for?
I’m always coveting on shoes. I recently just came back from Hong Kong and Bei Jing.. I bought about 7 pairs of shoes. And since then (only been a week) I’ve already purchased another 2 new shoes.. so maybe I should stop. Other then that I’m on a hunt for an amazing patterned blazer and tailored pants.

3. 4 things you cannot live without?
Paw paw cream, my iPhone, family/joel and.. sushi!

4. What made you come up with your blog name?
I was 15 and obsessed with anything French so I thought it was cool back then to mix the French word lazy and English word fashion together.. and it sorta stuck. Plus there’s no other parfasseux out there!

5. Dream career?
Become a fashion stylist/fashion director/journalist/pr. It’s a lot of things but it’d be amazing if I could succeed in those areas.. I'd also love to do something like interior design though.

6. Why did you decide to start blogging?
At first it was an experimental thing, because I had an interest in photography, art and fashion but then it sorta unintentionally became just a fashion blog, and now it’s a platform for what I want to do in the future.

7. If you had to live anywhere, where would you stay?
Hmm if it were Sydney it’d be Paddington, if it was world wide it would probably be NYC (I haven't been there but I'm pretty sure I'm in love with it already.)

8. What are 5 basic essentials you think every girl needs in their stylish wardrobes?
Leather, denim, boots, blouses and bags!

9. fave singers?
Ermm this is too hard I have too many but I embarrassingly rap to Azealia Banks and I’ll always love Michael Jackson.

10. What do you hope to achieve in your blog this year?
More then I did last year!
do be sure to check out Yan's blog!


NYFW Spring 2013 RTW

In my opinion this years spring collections were stepping aside from the usual ditsy prints and flowy skirts into a structured and sophisticated territory. After seasons of bold colours and bright patterns, this spring radiated black and white. The strong contrast between the hues made for a striking look. Although the looks were black and white, patterns really took control of the outfits. I feel if these same looks were done with bright colours the patterns, prints and textures would be slightly discarded. 
Alexander Wang - Burberry Prorsum - Christian Dior

Voluminous structure was a daring sight this fashion week. Many designers chose to focus more on a blown out silhouette oppose to other things. Alexander Wang and Burberry Prorsum proposed a futuristic, blown out look while Dior went back to a 60's silhouette with a full, voluminous skirt. Either way I think a bold structure is the way to go this spring.

Oscar De La Renta - Givenchy - Balenciaga - Ralph Lauren

Frills and ruffles have been spring stables for years and this year was absolutely no exception. 
Ruffles are the perfect expression of feminism. They are presented subtlety by Givenchy with a ruffled neckline on a pastel dress. However Oscar De La Renta and Balenciaga produced loud and again voluminous ruffles that were more like the centrepiece of the look. Ralph Lauren brought back the drop waist and added ruffles to the bottom of a simple blue dress, making for a classic piece. 

Tom Ford -  Oscar De La Renta - Elie Saab - Carolina Herrera - Carolina Herrera - Christian Dior

Sheer, of course, was a big hit this season. From detailed and fitted pieces by Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera to soft, flowing silhouettes by Tom Ford, Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera and Christian Dior. Soft, sheer fabrics are sexy yet classy. Whether its a panel or a full dress, sheer is gonna be a big trend.

Elie Saab - Tom Ford - Ralph Lauren - Oscar De La Renta - Givenchy

Stepping aside from feminine details, spring 2013 was endowed with strong suits. These suits were not your ordinary, working class suits. These suits are structured to fit perfectly to present a strong, feminine front. Elie Saab shows you don't  always need a long trouser to pull of a suit, the peplum jacket was paired with shorts to give a flirty, professional vibe. Although Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and Givenchy used pants with the suits, the block colour added a touch of sophistication. Carolina Herrera's suit was the most feminine of all these suits, the high slit and pop of red really brought it to life. 



red velvet cupcakes + thrift shopping

A day of splendid doses of sunshine, fashion bloggers of all ages headed down to the heart of Singapore's Arab Lane to find a small, but whimsical cafe called The Artistry, where the #TEAandFLEA blogger event was held by the lovely Viven, of FashFix. With aplenty amounts of ever so tasty Red Velvet cupcakes (which I devoured ever so quickly), wonderful wracks of clothing sold by Singapore's most stylish bloggers,  and inspirational talks on Blogging and Singapore's state of blogging, what was there not to like? 
Left to Right: Lenne from Aetinne, Dottie from D for Dot, and Masturah K from Fashion The Foster.
The event itself was so lovely, Bloggers Lenne, Dottie, Masturah, Rachel, Renee and MsGlitzy shared their insightful knowledge on Singapore's growing population of keen and aspiring fashion bloggers, and how it has dramatically changed from not been taken seriously a few years ago to one of the most popular and fashionable industries in Singapore to this day. Apart from the useful and entertaining seminars, the day was spent eating lots, socializing with friendly Singaporean fashion bloggers, and exploring the racks of voguish clothing.
    1. Having fun with Singapore's youngest bloggers!
    2. The location of the event, located in the cute cafe of Artistry.
    3.  A Photo with fashion bloggers Mariana and Veena !

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