Alexandra from The Autumn Breeze of Style.

I recently had a makeup swap with the Alexandra from The Autumn Breeze of Style. It was so fun and I would definitely love to do it again! Now I didn't really know about Alex's blog before we got talking about doing a make up swap. When I first saw it, I fell in love. It is a great blog! Alex was so sweet and went to the trouble to make me a little glossy box of my own. Here is the post Alex wrote about what I swapped with her! 

I really loved everything that she swapped with me. My favourite item was probably the Real Techniques Blush Brush. I use it everyday for my blush, its soft and dense and gives great flush to my cheeks. I use all the products so much now, I don't know what I have been doing with out them my whole life! I love the fact I got to try out all these lovely, British products. 

Have you ever done a makeup swap before? Tell me what you think down below! :)



Our First Blogoversary!

Many incredible things have happened since the 26th of August, one of them being the birth of 'The Green Ray Bans'. It's hard to believe that it has already been one year since we started blogging, but we owe it to each and every person that has read, commented and supported our blog. Our followers and readers are the ones that have helped us grow into what we are today. To start off with we had merely two followers, and now thanks to all of the faithful reader we have, we have managed to reach 200+ followers! When I log onto my blog, it makes my day to see that so many people take the time out of there day to read my blog. Reflecting on this past year, its just overwhelming to see the response.Without our magnificent support we would be nowhere, just hopelessly voicing our thoughts out of the internet, so we want to thank you guys, we owe it all to you. Its strange to see how our blog has developed throughout the year; not only in just followers, but how personally our style and how our outlook on fashion has evolved so differently in just a few months.

It isn't just us who have changed as bloggers and as people, The Green Ray Bans has gone through tons of changes too. Here are our blog stats!

Page Views: 28,021
Followers: 264

Wow! Seeing how people have viewed and followed our blog in just one year, makes us overwhelmingly proud. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us on our journey, even through our rough and rocky paths. 




Studs have been quite a trend for some time now and they are seen wherever you go- from the streets to the runway. They are one of all time favourite trends because they can give your outfit a bit of your outfit a 'bling'. Studs are also a great way to customize an old pair of withering shorts you have or lets say a denim jacket!

What do you think of these old but reoccurring trend?



Prints Galore.

Prints, to me, are summer. All a person should wear in summer are prints. Prints, prints and more prints! Aztec, floral, stripy; the prints are endless. There is one print that matches every personality. Sheer polka dot and Aztec prints rule my wardrobe during summer! There are so many different ways of wearing prints, you can keep it simple and have one printed focal point in your outfit, or go crazy printed by mixing prints and patterns you never know could go together. 

all photos from weheartit.com

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, tell me what your favorite print is in the comments down below!

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