Hi, hope you're all well! Excuse my lack of posting, I've been so busy with school, etc. Last weekend was my birthday, and I had a small party with my closest friends. Heres a few pictures!

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New In: Stylebop

Hello, hope you're all well! I recently ordered a Juicy Couture hoodie from stylebop.com, and I absolutely love it! Its super soft, comfy and I adore the colour. When I was ordering it I was terrified about the shipping, tax fees, and all that stuff because when reading reviews of stylebop, people said shipping took weeks and they got defected items! Thankfully my item ended being fine, exactly what I ordered. It arrived in a pretty box with a bow tied around it and the item was beautifully packed in it.
I am definitely one of those people who can't stand ordering things online, because I get so nervous about it! Although after my experience with stylebop I will definitely order again! 

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runway inspiration

all photos found from various tumblrs
While spending an excessive amount of my time on tumblr (which is extremely addicting), I've had a fetish for reblogging model-esque photos of models posing backstage or on the runway. As you can probably tell if you're a huge Alexander Wang lover, a majority of these photos are all from his latest SS13 collection which was absolutely spectacular. This is one of the first few collections where I've wanted to buy every look donned on the runway- which sadly won't happen but a girl can dream. I thought I would share some doses of my favourite Wang photos and more. I've also categorised these photos into different colour schemes, naming white, black, peach and grey. Each colour connotes a different vibe to a collection and the pictures above are definitely more pale and subdued, which was an overwhelmingly big colour scheme in this season's collections.

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//I have just come back from a school expedition to the world's greenest school in Bali which probably explains my brief hiatus in posting!


Tickled Pink

Untitled #118

This years fall and winter collections have been drenched with my favourite colour, pink. From dusty roses to blushed hues, on everything from wooly coats to fur stoles to slip dresses, pink has taken over the runways. Spotted at Topshop Unique, Carven, Moschino and many more shows, designers have taken this colour usually reserved to spring and summer and translated it swiftly into the fall/winter wardrobes that we will soon exhibit. Because the past seasons were ruled by the monochrome look, colours are all the rage this fall/winter. Paired with greys and blacks, a pop of pink can add a feminine twist to what would be a bland winter outfit. Pastel pink outerwear is making a big statement. Its the easiest way to wear the trend, just throw it over any outfit and you're good to go!

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Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Hi, hope you're well, with my birthday coming up I thought it was about time with a wish list!

1. Blouse from Odd Molly - These blouses are literally the sweetest thing I've seen! They are feminine, simple and pretty and I would absolutely love to have one of these.

2. Cashmere Burberry Scarf - As winter is quietly approaching us, scarves are becoming an everyday staple for me. Because of their bold print and neutral colors, these scarves are to die for!

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch - Classy, chic and feminine. A good watch is an essential for everyone, so why not get one that's absolutely perfect for you?

4. Ugg Boots - Although these boots may not be the most beautiful of winter footwear, they are so comfy! When you have to walk to school in -20 degree weather, warm boots are an essential.

5. Louis Vuitton Speedy - This bag is the most iconic and classic bag from Louis Vuitton! Everything about it is perfection. It is the quintessential bag for every bag-lover.

6.  Moschino iPhone case - Because who doesn't want a cute pink teddy bear on their phone?!

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Scarf - Acne
Coat - Topshop
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Jeans - Dr. Denim
Lip color - YSL Glossy Lip Stain 18 Rose Pastelle
Today I wore this simple but very fall appropriate outfit. I took my favorite trends from the runway and incorporated and accommodated them to my own personal style. The pink trend for fall (which I absolutely adore!) was huge on the runway, as oppose to the monochrome looks seen during S/S13. By wearing the pink shirt, I brought this trend into my outfit while still looking sophisticated and feminine. As fall weather keeps creeping up and dropping temperatures down, a good warm scarf is vital. I prefer browns, golds and bronzy colors during the autumnal season to accentuate the beauty of the colors in fall. To top off this look, I wore a navy swing coat. Autumn is the perfect time to break out your favorite wool coats. This particular coat has a dark, slightly masculine color and a soft feminine silhouette balances that out perfectly. 

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Daily Makeup!

Hi guys, hope you're all having a great day! Today's post is all about my daily makeup routine. Even though this is called my "daily" makeup routine, in no means do I wear makeup everyday. Sometimes I wear more, and sometimes a little less. My everyday makeup is quite natural and perfect for school or the office. I've been using a lot of these products for quite some time now, but I like to change bronzer/blush and lip colors up everyday depending on my outfit and mood. 

Starting with my Laura Mericer tinted moisturizer, I blend this all over my face and down my neck with a Real Techniques stippling brush. This gives me a nice amount of coverage, without looking heavy or cakey. Next, using a large powder brush also from Real Techniques, I powder my t-zone with Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder. This is the best powder I have ever used, it controls oils and keeps the face looking matte all day! After that, I contour my cheeks with the Bahama Mama bronzer by The Balm. The matte ashy brown shade makes it the perfect bronzer for contouring. Once my bronzer is applied, I dust the apples of my cheeks with a Real Techniques blush brush. Then I move onto my eyes. I apply a thin line of eyeliner all across my top lid, keeping it as close to my lash line as possible. For this, I use my Maybeline gel eyeliner. I highly recommend this product if you want something that stays in place all day!  After curling my eyelashes, I apply one coat of the Bare Minerals Flawless Definition mascara and one of Max Factors MasterpieceMax mascara. The Bare Minerals mascara is my Holy Grail mascara! I have used it literally for years, and it never fails to make my lashes look long, separated and beautiful. To finish my look off,  I apply some of my favorite lip balm, and gloss my lips with the Clarins Natural Lip Perfecter. 

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my favourite fashion reads

my favourite fashion reads

 1. Grace: A memoir by Grace Coddington:
I first got to know about Grace properly after watching The September Issue, a movie documenting the hectic life for VOGUE workers in the September Issue. I had known that she played an important role in this fashion industry, but didn't realise what a huge impact she had up until then. One of my muses that I look up to right now will definitely be Grace. She manages to creates this fantasy world behind her wonderfully magical and breathtaking images, which is a rare gem to now find. I have to admit that I've never been a huge fan of reading memoirs, but this book is definitely an exception. I would definitely recommend this book for people who want to work in the fashion industry, or want an insider into one of fashion's biggest icons.
2. Front Row: Anna Wintour by Jerry Oppenheimer:
Anna Wintour is without a doubt the most influential style icon that has rocketed the fashion world. Earning the distinguished and highly repspectable title as VOGUE's editor in chief, she plays an immensely important role in the industry and literally has control over this 200 billion-dollar industry at the palm of her hand through her decisions. "If fashion was a church, she would be the high pope." But of course, she never started off  with this power. This profile on Anna chronicles her hard struggles and her hungry determination of working her way up towards becoming the editor in chief of VOGUE. Front Row reveals Anna's cold and autocratic demeanour, which has also given her a reputation as "Nuclear Wintour". I highly respect Anna despite her stony reputation, and will always see her as fashion's most important figure.
 3. Rookie/Yearbook One by Tavi Gevinson:
This is not your average, stereotypical teenage girl guidebook, although the name makes your believe it.A fashion/teenage girl bible is more of a better description. From "how to" tips, to glossy fashion spreads and very relatable articles, this book covers almost everything a girl would want to read about.The book was compiled together by a bunch of teenage girls, and is unbiasedly honest. 
4. The devil wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger:
Being one of my favourite movies and books, this book is an all-time fashion classic. It is hilarious and witty, and I would definitely recommend this to fashion fanatics.
What's your favourite fashion book?
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