An Interview With Gentri Lee

Hey Everyone! I am so sorry for my lack of posting recently while Eli has been doing all the posts. I've been so busy with schoolwork and tests that I've had no time to work on our blog! Here is just a short interview with one of my favourite bloggers Gentri Lee! If you have a minute or two do check out her blog! (Its worth checking out)

1. Why did you start blogging?
I originally started blogging because my sister and BFF decided I needed one. This was 3 years ago and I had no idea what I would post about and I didn't really get into blogging until about a year ago when I came across the wonderful world of Fashion Blogs. I've been in love ever since then.

2. Where do you go to find inspiration for your posts?
 I mostly pull inspiration from the world outside of blogging. I like to post about life and all of it's adventures and I think people enjoy getting to know the blogger behind the blog. But when I need inspiration that I can't find here I like to scroll through my blog roll and read as many blogs as I can to gain ideas. haha!

 3 things you can't live without?
 Three things I can't live without would be- My family, Chapstick, and my iPhone. haha!

4. Fave beauty product?
4. Well, I'm actually studying esthetics/ aesthetics, so my list of favorite beauty products is QUICKLY growing. If I had to pick one it would be THIS Redness Relief sunscreen. It's AMAZING! It's green which neutralizes redness, is a great sunscreen, and calms inflamed or puffy skin! 3 in one, doesn't get much better.

5. How did you get so many followers? 
I think many things go in to gaining followers. My top tips would be- make friends not followers, leave meaningful comments that let them know you actually read what they wrote, and have a clean eye pleasing blog that makes people want to return.

6. What advice would you give to those who just started blogging?
Blog for yourself. Blogging can be a wonderful thing that can teach you more than you realize. But many people just blog for followers or money, don't get sucked into that.




the peter pan collar.

The Peter Pan collar is named after Maude Adams, the first actress to have portrayed the role of Peter Pan on Broadway. In order to play this role, Maude Adams decided to co-design this 1905 costume. The costume she designed became an instant fashion hit and eventually gave the now-famous name to the collar. Though the Peter pan collar was designed in 1905, it has made an instant comeback in the past year or so! Here are some models/fashion muses rocking this beautiful trend. I love how the collar is so simple and can be worn so many different ways and still look so  classy!




1: Alexa Chung
2. Hailee Steinfeld
3.Preen Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear
4.Jill Stewart Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear
5. Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear 
6.Louis Vuitton Spring 2012  Ready-to-Wear

What do you think about these looks?



blogger of the week

Hey guys!

Every week we have been doing a routine of awarding one special blog 'blog of the week'! This week we decided to award the lovely sisters from The Letter 4! Congratulations girls!

Hi there Green Raybans Readers! We are 4 sisters that grew up stealing each other's clothes, hogging the bathroom, laughing till wee hours of the morning, and doing projects together. We have since grown up and moved away and we started this blog as a project to do together again despite the distance. We have a love for fashion, crafts, recipes, and just making beautiful things.

 Do check out their lovely Blog!

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